Max Armstrong talks about deals on sedans, AFT report and shed on wheels. (audio)

May 14, 2018

We are so in love with our SUV, crossover, trucks. Sedan sales have slowed to a crawl. Ford will stop selling in U.S. in four years. Those who can live without an SUV can find excellent deals. What happens when global oil price climbs and sticker shock ripples through to gas pump?

The American Farmland Trust sounds the alarm every few years about how much land we’re losing. The United States lost over 20 million acres of land over 20 years or just over 3% of its total farmland in the country. California lost an estimated 1.3 million acres of ag land to development. The 3% farmland loss was taking place as U.S. saw 20% increase in population. It’s a global concern as U.S. contains 10% of land suitable for farming.

Sonny Perdue is out in his RV. Did you see that guy in U.K. who built shed on wheels? He was clocked at over 100 mph.

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