Max Armstrong talks about deer jumping to their deaths in Iowa. (audio)

December 13, 2017

People around Cedar Rapids, Iowa, may be talking about this for a while. What happened to those four deer the other evening? A buck was leading the way and three does followed him, plunging to their deaths below as they jumped over a new bridge. Animals were likely panicked as it’s hunting season.

We know now the wheat crop in Canada was bigger than earlier forecast, resulting in the biggest wheat carryover ever from one year to the next. Yesterday’s report underscored well-supplied nature of the wheat market. Also, there was reminder of how ethanol fuel demand is friendly to American corn farmer.

A Wisconsin woman charged with felony after having her 9-year-old ride on top of minivan to hold down plastic wading pool. She pleaded not guilty. The woman who had her son on the top of the mini-van was quoted as telling police her dad let her do stuff like that when she was young.

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