Newsman Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong who is participating in the Inaugural Parade. (podcast)

January 21, 2017

It is Inauguration Day in Washington, D.C., which includes a parade that for the first time features brand new tractors representing American agriculture. Behind the wheel of one of those tractors, a CaseIH, will be Max Armstrong. Others participating in the parade include the presidents of the NPPC, ASA, AFBF. It may be the first time tractors have been featured in the Inaugural Parade, but it's not the first time tractors have been in Washington, D.C. Nearly 40 years ago, in 1978, farmers drove their tractors to Washington in protest.

Oklahoma experienced 623 earthquakes of a magnitude 3.0 or greater earthquakes in 2016, compared to 903 in 2015.

An Iowa lawmaker wants to bring Iowa's gun laws more in line with federal laws.

Marketing of the Mankato Heritage Rifle is ending after swift social media backlash. The rifle featured a noose, as 38 Dakota Sioux warriors were hung in a mass hanging in Mankato at the end of the Dakota-U.S. Conflict of 1862.

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