Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong and talks about cold-related deaths. (audio)

January 30, 2018

Veteran newsman Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong. Max is traveling for speaking engagement.

There is a grand opening today for a Hope Lodge in Omaha, Neb., today. The American Cancer Society has over 30 Hope Lodges across the country.

Illinois has consistently ranked among top states across the nation for cold-related deaths. Nearly 600 people died from cold weather exposure from 2008-2016.

Lake Michigan has about 1 quadrillion gallons of water in it and Foxconn seeks to use 7 million gallons a day. Regulators will decide if this is OK.

You might think that if you are driving across I80 and your car is loaded with marijuana you would obey the speed limit. Not this driver, a K-9 found marijuana valued at $1.5 million in a speeding vehicle. The driver, Johnny McKay, of Florida, was arrested.

From Green Bay, Wis., a food service worker wasn’t happy with being fired so he returned to Lambeau Field where he rammed his car into several cars and chased guys outside the stadium.

For our friends who are farmers and ranchers, the deadline to turn in your ag census form is Feb. 5.

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