Max Armstrong reflects on Ram truck ads. (audio)

February 5, 2018

Watching the Super Bowl last night, we were struck by the contrast in two ads aired by the same company five years apart. Last night, RAM trucks used the voice of Dr. Martin Luther King in an ad entitled built to serve. It has stirred up backlash. Some said it was wrong to use voice of slain civil rights leader to sell trucks. Others said it was inspirational. It may have stirred memories of one five years ago using voice of late Paul Harvey reciting “So God Made a Farmer.” That sold pickups.

Indianapolis Colts are mourning Edwin Jackson, who was killed on shoulder of I70. Man driving drunk hit Jackson.

I love this time of year, calving season for the beef industry. Some of them end of up in places they shouldn’t be. Social media allows producers to show depths they go to keep calves alive. Bathtubs, pickup cabs, laundry rooms are places calves are warmed.

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