Max Armstrong talks about his favorite diners. (podcast)

February 7, 2017

Max is in St. Joseph, Missouri, today.

First of all this morning I've often threatened to come out with a book on favorite diners across the Midwest. On that list would be Greasy Spoon in Nebraska; Dick Clark, Princeton, Indiana; and Boudreaux's in St. Joe.

Missouri yesterday adopted law allowing workers to opt out of paying union dues even if they are represented by a union. Missouri became the 28th right to work state, the second state to do so this year. The state's Republican governor said it sends a really strong signal to the rest of the country that Missouri is open for business.

Some market analysts are saying the cattle market is in transition mostly because cattle inventory remains tight. Feedlot placings are down 8% compared to last year. 

Where were you when light streaked across sky 1:30 a.m. yesterday morning? 

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