Max Armstrong talks about the value of wildfires. (audio)

March 8, 2017

Fire can be used as a tool on the forest and prairie. Farmers help restore the prairie through their controlled burns. It's also the season for wildfires. One in northeast Colorado has raced 23 miles in eight hours. Farmers with tractors and tillage tools rushed to area to put fire breaks in place. County commissioner said it's pretty devastating to farmers and ranchers.

The meat industry is watching this case of bird flu in Tennessee. South Korea and couple other countries have slapped ban on poultry imports. If more countries follow suit, this could mean lower prices at the meat counter as more meat piles up.

FETZ has app so they can make custom made shoes. Made pair for 18-year-old in Michigan who's 8 feet tall. Made pair of shoes in color of his favorite basketball team, the Chicago Bulls.

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