Max Armstrong talks about child bride bill in Kentucky. (audio)

March 15, 2018

The governor of the state was no where to be seen yesterday when President Trump visited Missouri. Attorney General who is running against Claire McCaskill was there to greet him.

Leaders of NCGA are pleased congressional leaders are addressing Section 199A. They are urging Congress to adopt the proposed changes later this month.

In Kentucky, child bride bill is gaining speed. Testimony from 13-year-old bride helped speed bill along. The bill moves age of marriage to 18 or 17 with consent of parents or judge.

A Nobel Prize winning chemistry professor was found walking along road in northern Illinois just hours after he was reported missing. They were headed for an airport when the car veered off the road and the professor went searching for help.

There’s word all Toys R Us stores will close. One of his favorite toys they bought there was Stretch Armstrong.

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