Max Armstrong talks about a wildfire fundraiser in Iowa. (audio)

March 20, 2017

This weather continues to amaze and confuse. As winter made exit, highs in 90s in Kansas. Highest in Topeka, Kansas for that day in a hundred years. Kansas City close to 80 today.

At a livestock auction market in Iowa, they auctioned off a steer with proceeds going to wildfire relief. $46,000 raised to help those ranches they've been praying for who have lost cattle, fences, feed and loved ones.

The list of states with highest life expectancy is out. No. 1 in life expectancy is Hawaii, followed by California, Connecticut and Minnesota. Physical activity has a lot to do with how long we live. States with more sedentary lifestyle have lower rates of life expectancy.

Do you struggle with true east or true west? This would be a good day to get your bearings. On the first day of spring go outside around sunset, sunrise and notice location of sunset or sunrise, rise in east, set in west.

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