Max Armstrong talks basketball. (audio)

April 2, 2018

Fans of the Michigan Wolvervines may have another chance to make it to the streets like they did over the weekend if they can beat the Villanova Wildcats.

Women’s NCAA games. How about the Fighting Irish? Notre Dame had been down 15 at one time.

Farm products targeted by the Chinese for tariffs will not be impacted equally. U.S. pork is on that list. Wine and apples are on the list.

Total hog herd is up 3%, according to USDA report on March 29.

More wintry weather expected across Dakotas, Minnesota, Iowa, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Extreme speeds are getting attention of lawmen. Trooper was doing 150 and violator was pulling away until two semis blocked him in. In Colorado, motorist was clocked doing 150 mph.

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