Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong and talks about Equal Pay Day. (audio)

April 11, 2018

Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong, who is Kansas City for the National Agri-Marketing Association Convention.

In Kansas, the drought continues. Only 12% of the state’s winter wheat crop is in good condition.

The Oklahoma teacher’s strike continues. Several districts closed today for eighth consecutive day. Demands for more funding are being ignored by Republican Legislature and governor, who is encouraging lawmakers to get back to more routine business.

In St. Louis, conservative commentator is out of a job after saying he would take hot poker to high schooler who has been calling for tougher gun control laws.

Yesterday was equal pay day. It’s the day women need to work til to earn as much money as man did in a year. The pay gap is bigger in Nebraska and Iowa than in other states. In Iowa, a woman earns 77cents for every dollar a man earns and in Nebraska, it’s 78 cents.

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