Max Armstrong talks about Grassley's packer ban, identify theft and dog bites. (audio)

April 17, 2017

You likely heard about the search for the suspect in that Cleveland killing that was streamed on Facebook Live. A 74-year-old father of nine and grandfather of 14 and retired foundry worker was out picking up aluminum cans along street in Cleveland when he was murdered.

You'll be hearing about 8 executioners set for 11 days in Arkansas. 

Iowa Sen. Charles Grassley has reintroduced legislation to ban packer ownership of livestock. Over the past several decades, large packing industries have moved to vertically integrate the poultry and hog industry.

Did you know tax season is peak identify theft season? Look out for phone, text and email scams.

Cleveland, Louisville and Detroit are among the cities that made the top 10 list for mail carrier dog bites. Last week was National Dog Bite Prevention Week.

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