Steve Alexander fills in for Max Armstrong. (audio)

April 28, 2017

Max is wrapping things up in Dallas at National Agri-Marketing event.

What a difference four years can make. Four years ago Oklahoma's oil patch was booming. Republicans who control state government permanently reduced tax income rate and gave tax incentives to businesses. Now, the boom has ended and the money has dried up. Nearly 100 of the state's 513 school districts have moved to four-day weeks. State troopers are told not to fill their gas tanks.

United Airlines is trying to get dragged passenger ordeal behind them and settled with the 69-year-old passenger yesterday. Meanwhile, the airline is still dogged with questions about what happened to Simon, the giant rabbit, who died while in the care of the airline. He was alive when landed in Chicago and it died as waited for flight to Kansas City. Three-foot-long Simon was expected to be the world's biggest rabbit.

Alcohol banned in Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, but allowed across the border in Nebraska. Officials there are trying to ban.

Chances are you've ate at a Waffle House, there are 1,500 across the country. The owners have recently passed away.

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