Max Armstrong says there may be deals on cars this summer. (audio)

August 2, 2017

If you are shopping for a car this summer, there may be some deals this fall. Automakers have too many small and mid-sized cars. Average time sitting on lot for 76 days, the longest it's been for several years. Carmakers are expected to offer more incentives for you to buy those cars. Toyota and Suburbu reported higher sales.

Commodity markets tend to overreact sometimes. Soybeans, especially, took a hit yesterday when traders were expecting no change and USDA improved condition by 2 points.

Attending Farmfest at Redwood Falls, Minn., today.

Sam Shepard wrote more than 55 plays and had dozen roles on TV and acted in more than 50 films. Sam Shepard was asked how he created his characters and he replied you have assumptions about somebody and all of a sudden this other thing appears, that's the mystery.

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