New products for no-tillers, cover croppers and strip tillers

What’s new from the shows: A variety of products meet special needs.

November 2, 2017

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By Farm Progress staff

You want to take a close look at the new products Farm Progress editors found if you are a no-tiller or strip tiller, or if you seed cover crops. Companies continue to respond to feedback they get from customers and fine-tune existing products, or bring out completely new products that they feel will meet those needs.

No-tillers who plant cover crops will want to check out new seed equipment that allows you to spread cover crop seed in late summer into standing crops to get a head start on seeding dates. Several cover crops need ample time to get established in the fall before winter. Several species simply don’t have enough time to get going and survive winter and so they can do their job in the spring if they aren’t seeded until after harvest in many situations.

One of the newest concepts under consideration by some on the cutting edge is interseeding cover crops into crops when the crops are very young. The idea is that the cover crops get a good start, yet don’t harm the yield of the cash crop in the field., Dawn Equipment introduces a seeder which can be used to do that. It can also be used in other ways, including to apply fertilizer.

If you have small areas to seed and want to do it using no-till, companies are bringing out products especially built for that purpose. They join a few models already on the market from other companies. These can be ideal for seeding food plots or for seeding pollinator species on land in the Conservation Reserve Program or other government programs.

Strip tillers will find several products which could help them fine-tune their systems, including a new coulter shank and a down-pressure system that allows individual row units to act independently.

Check out all the products, and contact representatives for more details.

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