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What’s New from the Shows: Products help feed and care for livestock better.

November 16, 2022

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You can spend anywhere from a few hundred dollars to over half a million bucks on new products that could help you do chores related to livestock faster, easier or more efficiently. Most products in the lineup will cost you somewhere in between the two ends of the price range.

The newest forage harvester from Deere definitely tops the price scale, but it brings even more efficiency to producers who make lots of forage for beef cattle or dairy operations. Some may choose to push some of that silage chopped with the Deere machine around at feeding time during the year with the highly precision-based autonomous feed pusher from Sveaverken. It’s much more than just a feed-pushing robot you can turn loose in your livestock barn.

Speaking of feeding, Jones Industries brings back the Mighty Giant feed grinder, and introduces the Model 1200 grinder. There are also big square bale feeders in a new design from S.I. Industries if you offer big bales of hay to cattle. And if you’re feeding those cattle a ration besides just big bales, there is the Buffalo 485 mixer wagon form Henke, featuring three augers, a roughage cutter and 5-foot discharge belt.

Be sure to check out each product offered here if you raise livestock. Use the contact information listed with each product to follow up and learn more about each one.

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