The ups and downs of today's ag economy

Many believe the US economy faces an impending recession. That being a possibility, what should the ag economy be prepared for when it comes to the resulting effects? Terrain's Don Close shares his thoughts.

April 28, 2023

The ups and downs of today's ag economy

The global and US economies have been on a rollercoaster ride since COVID-19 entered the picture. As we monitor consumer trends, and what many believe is an impending recession, what should we be prepared when it comes to the resulting effects on the ag economy.

Today, we catch up with Don Close, Chief Research and Analytics Officer with Terrain, to get his take on what’s likely ahead for US agriculture. Don was a panelist on this topic during this week’s National Agri Marketing Association conference in St. Louis, Mo. 

Among other things we address the overall track of US economy and the defining line between a soft landing, a mild recession and a deep recession that everyone talks about. Interest rates and the labor situation in relation to the ag economy also are discussed.

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