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Tools to speed up farm jobs

What’s New From the Shows: Here is a variety of tools that help with important farm tasks.

November 8, 2018

9 Slides

By Farm Progress staff

You have important tasks to do around the farm that require something besides a planter, sprayer and combine. There are many companies, often those making short-line products, that recognize those needs. They not only produce quality products, but also develop new products from time to time that are either improved versions of earlier products or completely new products for their lineup.

This year is no exception. Many companies are offering new products that won’t help you plant or harvest corn or soybeans. Instead, they will help you install tile or do a better job of carrying tile drainage water away from your fields, so you can raise better crops with higher yields. Some of these products will help you remove snow, so you can get trucks full of grain out of the barn lot and onto the highway — and deliver that grain on time at the elevator or terminal. 

The lineup of new products in the slideshow below includes two tile plows, two brands of tile drainage pipe with dual-wall construction, a snow plow and a snow blower. There are other products for those tasks besides planting, spraying and harvesting that are still essential to maintaining and improving your farm and farmstead. Check out these products and follow up with the contact information provided.

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