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The longawaited Veterinary Medicine Mobility Act HR 1528 has been signed into law making it legal for veterinarians to provide complete medical care to their animal patients beyond their clinics and across state lines according to the American Veterinary Medical AssociationThe health and welfare of our nations wildlife food animals and even our companion animals depend on veterinarians being allowed to do their jobs wherever the need arises says Ted Cohn AVMA president On behal
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As Lynn Meyers a Nebraska rancher who faced this scenario says destocking part of the herd is ldquolike losing one of the familyrdquo nbspHow will you decide what to do if yoursquore faced with the tough decisions that drought forces on youHere are some suggestions from onpasturecom for doing that to help you be as successful as you can be in times of droughtStep One nbspLook at your herd and divide the animals into three groups on paperGroup A is made up of your most profi
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