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One of the positive outcomes of the recent brouhaha created by the federal government announcing its plans to launch an aggressive sage grouse conservation effort is that it gives ranchers a chance to shine a light on the work they are already doing to conserve and preserve wildlifeAt least thatrsquos how the Sand County Foundation sees things As the US determines if Greater sage grouse populations should be protected under the Endangered Species Act the conservation group released its quotSto
Many of the more managementintensive grazing systems seem to be more workable on smaller operations But when Jay and Krista Reiser took over a 2700acre North Dakota ranch they knew they had to do things differently if they were going to restore depleted pastures and the ranch was going to show a profit reports onpasturecomIn that area of the country most ranchers plan for 1519 cow days per acre With mob grazing the Reisers increased that to 32 cow days per acre Part of this was a result of
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