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Livestock equipment offerings fresh from factory

What’s New From the Shows: If you raise livestock, check out this slideshow of products.

If you raise livestock, no one needs to tell you that you need rugged equipment that can function in all kinds of conditions, and sometimes in rough terrain. The people who design and build this equipment keep those parameters in mind. They know that if their product can’t stand up to pounding, pushing and shoving, and withstand exposure to the elements of the weather, plus manure, it won’t last long and you won’t be back to buy more products.

The products in this gallery of new livestock equipment will pass those tests. The lineup includes two new models of post drivers, both built with heavy construction capable of handling whatever it is you need to drive, wherever you need to drive it. Post-hole drivers have come a long way since the first models introduced decades ago. Yes, the price tags have changed, too. But models marketed today are designed for user-friendly yet durable use, year after year.

You will also find a new waterer in the lineup that doesn’t require electricity to operate. It’s offered by a tried-and-true name in the business, so it’s worth a close look. If you feed hay to livestock, or if you handle livestock using chutes and corrals, there are products that meet those needs too. New livestock handling equipment is designed with both operator safety and care of the livestock in mind.

Finally, check out new products built tough enough to handle applying manure and still hold up for years. No matter what type of manure operation you have, or what you need to haul, there is likely a product that fits your needs. Check out the slideshow and use the contact information provided to follow up on those tools that interest you the most.   

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