2004 Alliance Yellow Pages

Alliance Web address Contact Year estab. Cattle in alliance in 2003 Average premium paid/head Cost Minimum head Grids geared to QG, YG or both (see key) Par point on grid Carcass weight on grid Harvest states Required genetics Practices required S,W,P,N (see key) Electronic ID capable Retained ownership required Aligned with specific feeders, packers or retailers Cow-calf producer post-harvest premium
Consumer-Based Programs
Angus America, www.angusamerica.com Mark Nelson, 402/462-2057, [email protected] 1996 159,000 $8.00/hd $2-4.50/hd 35 QG, YG Choice YG3 550-949 lbs. NE, CO, KS 80% USDA Angus (51% black-hided, Red Angus feeder calf tagged, or a combination of both) None Y N Packer — Excel Corp. N/A
Angus Gene Net, www.genenetbeef.com Dr. Ken Conway, 785/628-3004, [email protected] 1998 100,000 $26.43/hd $3/hd 20 Both Choice YG3 535-950 lbs. NE, CO, TX None None Y N Packer — Swift & Co. Yes
BC Natural Foods, LLC, www.colemannatural.com or www.b3r.com Neal Odom, 940/585-6328; Scott Coakley, 303/884-7202; or Jim Coakley, 970/466-7201 1979 100,000+ N/A none 1 both depends on grid 600-900 lbs. steer, 600-850 lbs. heifer Midwest and Western states >50% Angus S, P, N N N Feeder — Small feeders throughout the West and Midwest N
Beef Advantage, www.ourcoop.com Keith Harrison, 615/793-8585, or Darrell Ailshie, 931/388-7872, Ext. 2235, [email protected] 2001 7,700 N/A Regular sale commissions plus $1 participation fee 1, program is for all size producers N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A W, P, two round animal health program with MLV boster, bunk broke following a nutritionally sound co-op feeding program, castration and deworming Y N/A N/A N/A
Blue Ox Farms, www.blueoxfarms.com Michael or Jeanine McDermott, [email protected] 1993 Few Beef sold from on-farm sales @ $3/lb. None None N/A Choice or higher 550-750 lbs. N/A Highland 50% N N No, but it is the usual practice N N
Brangus Gene Net, www.genenetbeef.com Dr. Ken Conway, 785/628-3004, [email protected] 1999 100,000 $26.43/hd $3/hd 20 Both Choice YG3 535-950 lbs. NE, CO, TX > 25% Brangus None Y N Packer — Swift & Co.
Caprock Cattle Feeders, Sharing Total Added Value Ben Brophy, 806/371-3711, [email protected] 2000 50,000 $20/hd None 120 hd, one sex Both Choice YG3 600-900 lbs. TX, KS > 50% British, 0-50% Continental, 0-18.75% Brahman Y N Feeder — Caprock Cattle Feeders, packer — Excel Beef, retailer — Safeway & Harris Teeter Y
Certified Angus Beef LLC, www.cabfeedlots.com Steve Suther, 785/889-4162, [email protected] 1978 212,118 Ch/Sel + $4.50/cwt. none 1 both vary with packer vary with packer CO, IA, ID, IL, KS, MI, NE, PA, TX, WA, WI, CAN 50% or greater Angus CAB Natural Program opened 4/04 Y vary with feedlot 80 feeders, 26 packers, 4,000 retailers, 4,000 restaurants and international distributors Vary with feedlot
Certified Hereford Beef, www.herefordbeef.org Jim Williams, 816/842-3758, [email protected] 1995 173,470 $10-$12/hd None N/A Both YG4 or less, Select or Choice 600-1,000 lbs. NE, KS At least 50% Hereford, 100% British Corn feeding N N National Beef LLC, Greater Omaha Packing Co. N
Charolais Gene Net, www.genenetbeef.com Dr. Ken Conway, 785/628-3004, [email protected] 2001 100,000 $26.43/hd $3/hd 20 Both Base-Choice YG3 535-950 lbs. NE, CO, TX > 25% Charolais None Y N Packer — Swift & Co.
ConAgra Better Beef LLC, www.swiftbrands.com Al Perez, 970/506-7798, [email protected] 1995 150,000 N/A No cost to producers for group data, $1-$3 individual & full data Load lots of steers or heifers Both Choice YG3 536-999 lbs. CO, NE, TX British cross and Continental x British feeder cattle S, P Y N Feeder — ConAgra. Feedlots, Packer — Swift & Co N
Consolidated Beef Producers Inc., www.consolidatedbeef.com Bruce Cobb, 806/655-8955, [email protected] 2000, began operations in March 2001 167+cattle feeding entities N/A Member — $3,000 one-time fee, $1/hd marketed; Associate member — No membership fee, $1.50/hd marketed N/A All grids available to the market Choice YG3 650-900 lbs. TX, NM, OK, KS, CO, NE, WY, IA, MN, SD N/A N/A N/A N Cooperative owned by N/A member feedyards and cattle feeders
Country Natural Beef, www.countrynaturalbeef.com, www.oregoncountrybeef.com Dan Probert, 541/473-3355, [email protected] 1986 32,000 Cost of production/return on investment Responsibilities of being member of co-op 11 days/year 120 Both High Select, low Choice YG1 & 2 600-775 lbs. WA Cattle selected by biological type S, N, food alliance certification, no ionophores N Y Retailer — Natural Food Stores, packer — Washington Beef, feeder — Beef Northwest Cost of production/return on investment
Decatur Beef Alliance, www.decaturfeedyard.com Warren Weibert, 888/675-2212, [email protected] 1994 40,000 Confidential App. $9/hd Load lots of same sex Both Choice YG3 550-950 lbs. KS < 25% Bos indicus S, pre-weaning Y 50% Packer - Excel N/A
Gelbvieh Alliance, www.gelbvieh.org Dennis Fennewald, 303/465-2333 [email protected] 1995 1,967 $9.69/hd $1/hd 1 Both Regional averages 535-1,000 lbs. NE, CO, TX None, 50% Angus, 50% Continental tend to do well on either grid None Y N Swift Y
Iowa Quality Beef Supply Coop, www.iacattlemen.org Gene Rouse, 515/292-7385, [email protected] 1999 125,000 Boxed beef-based pricing Must own or lease shares 30 Both Choice YG3A 550-950 lbs. N/A None None Y N Packer — Excel N
Maverick Ranch Natural Meats, www.maverickranch.com Bob Rolston, 303/294-0146 (O), 303/809-7447 1985 50,000 N/A None Load lots Both Choice YG1 & 2 700-1,000 lbs. CO 50% or higher Continental, no higher than 50% English N Y N Packer — Double J Meats, selected producers, selected feeders
Montana Range Piedmontese Beef, www.montanarange.com Ralph R. Peterson, 406/252-2530, [email protected] 1999 5,000 $0.05-$0.10 HCW $1/eartag N/A Both N/A 750 lbs. N/A Piedmontese sired S, W, P, N N/A N N/A Y
Nebraska Corn-Fed Beef Inc., www.necornfedbeef.com Jo McElwain, 402/475-2333, [email protected] 1997 32,000 $12/hd $4/hd 1 Both Choice YG3 600-1,000 lbs. NE No Bos indicus S, W, P, BQA guidelines Y N Feeder — Nebraska Corn-Fed Beef feedyard, packer - Swift & Co N
Nolan Ryan's Tender Aged Beef, www.nolanryanbeef.com Coy Meyring, 806/457-1389, [email protected] 2000 Confidential Varies (call for information) None 1 YG Select, YG1 & 2 600-899 lbs. TX None, prefer Bos indicus N Y N Feeder (licensed feedyards in South Texas and Texas Panhandle) packers (Sam Kane Beef and Swift & Co.), retailers (Kroger) Y
Painted Hills Natural Beef, www.paintedhillsnaturalbeef.com Mehrten or Glenda Homer, 541/763-2333, [email protected] 1996 15,000 $50-60/hd None 25 QG Choice YG2 700-850 lbs. OR 100% British S, N N N Packer - Washington Beef N/A
Performance Plus- Retained Ownership Don Cain Jr., 888/269-8387, [email protected] 1993 Confidential $29.49/hd $7.50/hd 1 Both N/A 500-975 lbs. IA, KS, NE, CO, MO, SD 50-75% British, 25-50% Continental MSI scanned Y Y N N
Performance Plus- Sale Barn Don Cain Jr., 888/269-8387, [email protected] 1993 Confidential $24.32/hd $8/hd 1 Both N/A 500-975 lbs. IA, KS, NE, CO, MO, SD 50-75% British, 25-50% Continental MSI scanned Y Y N N
PM Beef's Ranch to Retail, www.pmholdings.com Jim Norwood, 816/880-9500, [email protected] 1991 36,000 $30/hd $3/hd None Both, primarily YG N/A 600-950 lbs. MN No Bos indicus or dairy breeding S Y N Packer — Windom, MN Feeder — PM Certified Feedlots Yes, must meet carcass specifications
Power Genetics, www.powergenetics.com Jason Anderson or Mark Tracy, 308/493-5604 1993 Confidential Confidential None 35 Both Confidential Confidential Confidential > Power Genetics S, W, P Y N Confidential Y
Premium Gold Angus Beef, www.pgabeef.com Ron Vanderboon, 616/361-2808, 616/485-4257 (cell), [email protected] 1993 100,000 $20-$30/hd $3/hd No minimum Both Choice YG3 600-950 lbs. NE 50% Angus S, W, P Y N Packers — Tyson Yes, with PGA approved bulls
Ranchers Renaissance, www.ranchersrenaissance.com John Butler, 303/662-1945, [email protected] 1997 100,000+ Confidential Confidential 100 Paid based on value created N/A Confidential TX, CO, Canada 50% British, 50% Continental W, P, Process verification Y Optional Feeder, packer, retailer Y
Red Angus Feeder Calf Certification Program, www.redangus.org Ann Holsinger or Blake Angell, 940/387-3502, [email protected], [email protected] 1995 100,000 Depends on location $1.19/hd 1 QG Choice YG3 550-950 lbs. CO, NE, KS 50% Red Angus, calves must have one registered Angus parent S N/A N Packer — Excel Corp. N
U.S. Premium Beef Ltd., www.uspremiumbeef.com Tracy Thomas, 866/877-2525, [email protected] 1996 600,000 $20/hd average Membership and share access 20 Both 50% Choice YG3 575-1,000 lbs. KS Breeds with high-quality grade carcass traits None Y N Packer — National Beef Packing Co. Yes
Western Beef Alliance Terry O'Neill, 406/373-6016, [email protected] 1994 2,220 $58/hd $0-$7/hd 40 Both YG2.8 and Choice -, Select + 600-900 lbs. MN 3/8 British, 5/8 Continental S, W, P, N Y N Packers — PM Beef, Swift & Co., Laura's Lean Beef Y, under certain conditions
Western Grasslands Beef Carolyn Carey, 530/233-2334, [email protected] 2002 N/A Confidential $3/hd 1 N/A N/A 1,150 lbs. live weight CA 70% Black or Red Angus S, W, P, N, grassfed only, Born & Raised in the USA® certification N Y Confidential N
Calf-Based Programs
BUB Ranch Beef Alliance Don Bush or Holly Meyer, 417/867-3336 1998 2,500 $60.43/hd Buy BUB genetics, average bull $2,100 1 YG N/A N/A MO, KS Sired by BUB bull or from a BUB sired female S, Pre-conditioned at least 45 days, fully vaccinated Y N/A Feeders — Joplin Regional Stockyards, Irsik and Doll Feedyards, private packers, retailers Y
Cooperative Beef $olutions Combining superior genetics and advanced management technologies to capture the most net dollars for your cattle! www.cooperativebeefsolutions.com Willie Altenburg, 970/568-7881, Tim Davis, 800/584-0040, Dan Dorn, 888/675-2212, Joe Young, 800/858-4330, [email protected] 2003 N/A $15-$25/hd management improvement $10-$12/hd 1 load 1 sex — will accommodate multiple owners N/A Choice/3B 550-950 lbs. KS None S Y Y Feeder — Decatur County Feedyard, Packer — Excel, Genetics — Genex, Herd Management Programs — Midwest Micro Systems (Cow Sense) N/A
MFA Health Track Beef Alliance, www.mfahealthtrack.com Mike John, 573/876-5573, 1998 [email protected] 40,000 $27/hd None for members 1 N/A N/A N/A TX, KS, NE, MO, IL Low % Bos indicus and dairy S, W, P, standardized nutrition Y N/A No N/A
Missouri Verified Beef, www.moverifiedbeef.com Brad White 662/312-1443, [email protected] 2000 1,100 + $39/hd See Web site 5 Both N/A N/A Multiple No dairy S, W, P, process verification Y N/A Confidential Y
Montana Beef Network, www.mbn.montana.edu Lisa Duffey, project coordinator, 406/994-4324, [email protected] 1999 16,000 N/A $2/hd 1 N/A N/A N/A All U.S. none S, W, P Y N N N/A
Piedmont Cattle Producers Association, www.pcmabeef.com Phil Slay, 334/864-0407 1994 2,150 8¢ over market $1.25/hd 20 N/A N/A N/A Midwest feedlots > 50% Angus, < 1/8 Bos indicus S, W, P, V (2 rounds) Y N/A Alabama Feeder Cattle Council N/A
KEY: Grids geared to QG = quality grade, YG = yield grade, Both = quality and yield grade Practices Required: S = source verification, W = weaning, P = preconditioning, N = natural (i.e., typically prohibit the use of antibiotics and growth hormones)

Editor's Note: BEEF defines alliances in this listing as either consumer-based alliances — those that focus on finding, feeding and marketing cattle according to pre-defined consumer product specifications, or calf-based — those concerned with procuring calves that fit certain value requirements. These BEEF Yellow Pages provide the most comprehensive public listing of industry alliances to date. Some that were contacted declined to participate.