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Five-dose vial Expanded tractor line All-weather writing Soil finisher On-the-go power

Five-dose vial

Bovi-Shield GOLD® FP® 5 L5 HB is now available in a five-dose vial to provide added vaccination-program flexibility against five major viral pathogens: IBR, PI3, BRSV, BVD Types 1 and 2, and Lepto hardjo-bovis. Now available in five-, 10- and 50-dose vials, the product can be administered either intramuscularly or subcutaneously and offers at least 365 days of protection from IBR abortions; BVD Types 1 and 2 persistent infection; and Lepto hardjo-bovis infection, urinary shedding and kidney colonization.

For more information, contact your local veterinarian or animal health
supplier or visit

Expanded tractor line

Massey Ferguson® expands its 2600 Series utility tractor line with a turbocharged model – the 74-hp Massey Ferguson 2635. Bringing added power to the nimble, easy-to-operate 2600 Series of utility tractors, the 2635 features a Tier III emissions-compliant direct-injection SIMPSON® four-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. Two transmission options are available – the standard 8 x 2 constant mesh transmission and live PTO, or the optional 8 x 8 SynchroShuttle transmission with independent PTO.

For more information, visit your local Massey Ferguson dealer or

Soil finisher

Unverferth Manufacturing Co. introduces the Rolling Reel Leveler 75, a soil-finishing tool to pull behind a primary tillage tool. The unit’s 16-in.-diameter chopping reels feature five, spiraled, 3⁄8-in. x 3-in., beveled-edge blades for breaking up clods, knocking dirt off rootballs and leveling soil for a smoother secondary tillage operation. Standard 9.5 x 15 transport wheels and available dual-wheel option make for easy transport. Units are available in 15- and 18-ft. rigid models and 18-, 20-, 22- and 25-ft. folding models.

For more information, call 800-322-6301 or visit

All-weather writing

Ever try to take notes in inclement weather, or drop your notebook in a stream or irrigation ditch? Now there’s a product for everyone who’s outdoors in all sorts of weather and needs to take notes on the fly.

“Rite in the Rain” all-weather writing paper is a durable paper you can write on when it’s wet, using either a pencil or the company’s all-weather pen. Originally developed in the 1920s for Pacific Northwest loggers, the products include pocket notebooks, copier paper, field books and loose-leaf sheets.

For more information, call 253-922-5000 or visit

On-the-go power

Get household power in your car with a Stanley 100-watt power converter. Plug the converter into the vehicle’s 12-volt DC port (cigarette lighter) and enjoy the convenience of a household outlet or USB port to recharge and power cell phones, PDAs, laptops and more. Or, from your tailgate, you can enjoy the convenience of a household outlet to power appliances or charge cordless power tools.

For more info, visit www.stanley and click “Where To Buy” to find a Stanley dealer in your area.