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BEEF's NCBA Most Promising New Product Nominees

BEEF is excited about a new program geared toward introducing you, our readers, to some of the industry's most promising new products that are geared toward helping producers, stocker operators and feeders enhance their profit potential. The Most Promising New Product program kicks off at the 2005 Cattle Industry Annual Convention & Trade Show, Feb. 2-5 in San Antonio, TX. It will feature a panel

BEEF is excited about a new program geared toward introducing you, our readers, to some of the industry's most promising new products that are geared toward helping producers, stocker operators and feeders enhance their profit potential.

The Most Promising New Product program kicks off at the 2005 Cattle Industry Annual Convention & Trade Show, Feb. 2-5 in San Antonio, TX. It will feature a panel of several judges, each a member of a separate segment of the livestock industry. They will examine literature and other materials of entries in the program, visit the product entry exhibit booths at the trade show, then make their selections.

Those products selected as the most promising will be reviewed in a feature article in BEEF's April 2005 edition. We encourage you to read about the nominees in the Most Promising New Product program and call or check out their company Web sites for additional information. Receive more information by circling the appropriate number on our reader reply card. See you in The Alamo City.


Wireless Remote Display For Scale Indicators


Digi-Star introduces CAB CONTROL, a new line of wireless remote displays for Digi-Star scale indicators. It is designed to help improve loading accuracy and offers full key control of the scale indicator on a feed mixer with internally mounted 2.4 GHz radios. CAB CONTROL units can communicate with up to 12 different mixers with a range of up to 1,000 ft. depending on location. The system promotes reduced eyestrain and increased visibility during inclement weather. Operators may also tare, advance between ingredients and call-up a recipe or batch without leaving the loader.
Learn more at or call 800-225-7695
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PastureGard Herbicide for Brush and Broadleaf Control

Dow AgroSciences LLC

PastureGard herbicide promotes land stewardship and improves the control of Sericea lespedeza, blackberry, tropical soda apple and other brush and broadleaf species that can rob pasture of forage for cattle. With the new active ingredient fluroxypyr, PastureGard combined with the active ingredient in Remedy herbicide helps boost forage nutrient value and protein content. The precision herbicide's use can also help increase stocking rates and promote a longer growing season. PastureGard is not a federally restricted-use product and contains no 2,4-D.
Learn more at or call 317-337-7590
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Surmount Brush and Broadleaf Control Herbicide

Dow AgroSciences LLC

Surmount herbicide brings the new active ingredient fluroxypyr to rangeland and pasture applications. The Dow AgroSciences product attacks trees and shrubs that can compete with native grass and improved grasses. It is effective against thorny species such as pricklypear cactus, locust, blackberry and multiflora rose. Surmount also provides broadleaf control to stop later-emerging weeds. It can be premixed with Grazon P+D herbicide (picloram). It does not contain 2,4-D, an important consideration in cotton-growing areas, and there are no grazing restrictions for most classes of livestock.
Learn more at or call 317-337-7590
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Elector Fly Control Insecticide

Elanco Animal Health

Elector is a natural born insecticide and the first product in the new spinosyn class of insecticides. The Elanco Animal Health product kills flies and lice, including flies resistant to other insecticides. Elector is a versatile product with application flexibility. It can be used as a pour-on, an on-animal spray or a premise spray. When applied, it rapidly causes paralysis and death to the insects. It is non-irritating to animals and has excellent environmental characteristics. Elector is available in 1-liter bottles, designed for convenience with an easy-squeeze-and-pour container, and in 5-liter bottles, which include an applicator and carrying harness. Application is safe for animals and workers.
Learn more at or call 317-433-2870
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Optaflexx Feed Ingredient To Improve Weight and Quality

Elanco Animal Health

Optaflexx from Elanco Animal Health is a new feed ingredient designed to increase live weight, feed efficiency and red-meat yield by improving nutrient utilization. Optaflexx (ractopamine hydrochloride) is given to cattle during the final stage of the finishing period. Utilizing new Finishing Improvement Technology from Elanco, it is the first FDA-approved product for cattle that was evaluated for both meat quality and eating quality. It can be fed in combination with Rumensin, Tylan and MGA. Optaflexx can be incorporated into a ration via a micro-ingredient machine, dry supplement or secondary premixes, and liquid supplements or secondary premixes.
Learn more at or call 317-651-6776
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Vertical Maxx TMR Mixer

Kuhn Knight, Inc.

The Vertical Maxx from Kuhn Knight is a single-auger vertical TMR mixer that allows beef producers to process large round bales and mix other ingredients in one step. Its single auger promotes fast and thorough hay processing and uses less horsepower compared to twin auger vertical mixers. A planetary drive system is proven for normal feed cycle applications. A right-hand discharge provides better feed discharge viewing while operating tractor controls. The narrow tread width allows for feeding in tight alleys without running over feed. The Vertical Maxx currently comes in 270, 350 and 430 cubic foot mixing capacities without extensions as trailer models. The mixer helps preserve pastures by allowing feeding in different areas to avoid mud build up.
Learn more at or call 608-897-2131
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IGENITY DNA Tests and Services

Merial, Ltd.

IGENITY is a new DNA testing service that yields advanced knowledge on an animal's or its progeny's genetic potential. The Merial, Ltd. product features a portfolio of various IGENITY tests and services. IGENITY TenderGENE identifies calpain genotype to predict tenderness. IGENITY DoubleBACK identifies and verifies homozygous black cattle. IGENITY ParentMATCH offers parentage validation and verification. IGENITY DNATRACE provides birth to consumption traceability. IGENITY Sample Archive is a DNA storage system. Merial's goal is to help producers to breed, manage and market cattle more efficiently to meet consumers' demands.
Learn more at or call 877-IGENITY Visit Booth No. 3025
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New Rotary Valve For Livestock Waterers


A new Miraco Rotary Valve offers a new concept in livestock tank water control. Most valves are plunger style with different size orifices for different water pressure. The Miraco Rotary Valve will work with all water pressures with no special orifices. When turned on, it allows full flow of water through a half-inch opening. Water is sliced off instead of pushed off, which allows water to be shut off slowly with no change in the water hammer. Quick release clips allow the valve to be removed without wrenches. The Miraco Rotary Valve, part of the MiraFount patented system, is now available in Miraco BIGspring waterers and will be available in others soon.
Learn more at or call 800-541-7866
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Turret Gate Advanced Gate Design

Moly Manufacturing, Inc.

Turret Gate by Moly Manufacturing, Inc. is an advanced gate design that returns a closed gate to its original state/open position by rolling the closed gate parallel along the alley wall. This eliminates the need to swing a closed gate back into advancing animals. Turret Gate incorporates low-stress cattle handling features. Polyethylene gate panels promote a quite work environment for livestock and humans. A hydraulically-powered Turret Gate promotes F.D.A. or “Flight Zone Avoidance” since no humans are required in the sweep tub. It can be operated from remote locations or even horseback. It helps maximize cattle flow and comfort while reducing labor.
Learn more at or call 785-472-3388
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Low Moisture Block Supplement With Bovatec

Ridley Block Operations

Ridley Block Operations introduces the CRYSTALYX Brand IONO-LYX B300 low moisture block with the ionophore Bovatec, a proven growth promotant. It is the only FDA approved LMB supplement with Bovatec. It is the only medicated LMB available for grazing stocker cattle. With consistent, uniform intakes for the entire herd, IONO-LYX B300 promotes an increased rate of weight gain in pasture cattle, including slaughter, stocker and feeder cattle, and dairy and beef replacement heifers. IONO-LYX B300 is contained in a weather-proof blue barrel, allowing producers to easily distinguish it from other CRYSTALYX products contained in black barrels. There is no withdrawal period.
Learn more at or call 800-727-2502
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EXCEDE Sterile Suspension For BRD Control

Pfizer Animal Health

EXCEDE (ceftiofur crystalline free acid) Sterile Suspension is a new anti-infective approved for control and treatment of bovine respiratory disease (BRD) in high-risk cattle. The Pfizer Animal Health broad-spectrum antibiotic is active against the three major BRD pathogens. A patented ear route of administration is unique to the industry. EXCEDE is administered subcutaneously into the middle one-third of the posterior aspect of the ear. It provides zero preslaughter withdrawal and reduces carcass blemishes to help support BQA goals. With a single injection, it offers beef a unique, sustained-release formulation of ceftiofur. It delivers seven days of therapeutic blood levels, creating a wider range of management options for high-risk cattle.
Learn more at or call 866-387-2287
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600 Series M Baler

Vermeer Manufacturing Co.

The new 600 Series M balers are designed to produce a denser bale, smoother and more dependable bale wrapping and a more quality package. Its bottom drum takes excessive stress off the belts and allows more hay to be pulled into the chamber at a higher rate. An exclusive Direct Crop Feed wide pickup system feeds forage directly to the bottom drum and starting chamber. Heavy-duty split tine bars are part of a system to help insure a smooth feeding action across the pickup. The Vermeer NetWrap system handles standard and over-width netwrap and automatically adjusts tension to the size of the netwrap roll.
Learn more at or call 800-370-3659
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BOVA-PRO For Prevention of Nitrate Toxicity

Pro Brands LLC

BOVA-PRO from Pro Brands is the only product available which has been proven to prevent Nitrate Toxicity in cattle. It contains live cultures of the P5 strain Propionibacterium spp.,which populate cattle's rumen to block nitrates. When cattle ingest high nitrate feeds, the P5 strain helps prevent them from entering the bloodstream and causing health-damaging toxicity. BOVA-PRO attacks nitrates before they can do any damage. It comes in two capsule sizes, one for adult cattle and one for stockers or replacement heifers. BOVA-PRO is also available as a concentrate for top-dressing. Its effectiveness lasts for 180 days.
Learn more at or call 866-838-7791
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Component TE-IS and TE-IH with Tylan Growth Promoting Implant


VetLife introduces new growth promotant implant products Component TE-IS and TE-IH with Tylan. The implant promotes better ADG, better feed conversion and heavier carcass weight while it strongly reduces the impact of the implant injection. Component with Tylan reduces the animal's inflammatory response to the implant, as well as bacteria and debris that can create an infection. Research shows the Tylan-containing product developed less connective tissue and a thinner capsule around the implant, thus enabling the growth promoting compounds to deliver their maximum performance potential.
Learn more at or or call 888-462-3493
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