2005 Fencing Guide

Agritronics57701 Gooseberry Rd.Ione, OR 97843Phone: 541/422-7441 Behlen Manufacturing Co.4025 E. 23rd St.Columbus, NE 68602Phone: 800/447-2751www.behlencountry.com Belltec Industries Inc.PO Box 270Belton, TX 76513Phone: 800/242-9410www.belltec.net Bobcat Co.PO Box 3064Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-9851Phone: 866/823-7898www.bobcat.com Cameo Fencing Inc.PO Box 214Hammond, NY 13646Phone: 800/822-5426www.cameo-fencing.com

57701 Gooseberry Rd.
Ione, OR 97843
Phone: 541/422-7441

Behlen Manufacturing Co.
4025 E. 23rd St.
Columbus, NE 68602
Phone: 800/447-2751

Belltec Industries Inc.
PO Box 270
Belton, TX 76513
Phone: 800/242-9410

Bobcat Co.
PO Box 3064
Cedar Rapids, IA 52406-9851
Phone: 866/823-7898

Cameo Fencing Inc.
PO Box 214
Hammond, NY 13646
Phone: 800/822-5426

D&D Technologies (USA) Inc.
7731 Woodwind Dr.
Huntington Beach, CA 92647
Phone: 800/716-0888, Ext. 292

Danuser Machine Co.
500 E. 3rd St.
PO Box 65251
Fulton, MO 65251
Phone: 573/642-2246

Dare Product Inc.
860 Batterly Rd.
Battle Creek, MI 49015
Phone: 269/865-2307

Dwyer Manufacturing Inc.
HC 60, Box 63
Bartlett, NE 68522
Phone: 402/843-2479

E-Z Products
610 E. Kenneth Ave.
Spearman, TX 79081
Phone: 806/659-2467

Fury Farms Inc.
725 CR 45
Broadview, NM 88112
Phone: 505/456-8453

130 W. 23rd Ave.
North Kansas City, MO 64116
Phone: 800/531-5908

General Equipment Co.
620 Alexander Dr. SW
PO Box 334
Owatonna, MN 55060
Phone: 800/533-0524

Geotek Inc.
1421 Second Ave. N.W.
Stewartville, MN 55976
Phone: 800/533-1680

Keystone Steel & Wire
7000 SW Adams St.
Peoria, IL 61641
Phone: 800/447-6444

Live Wire Products Inc.
1127 “E” St.
Marysville, GA 95901
Phone: 530/743-9045

Meter-Man Inc.
Box 746
Winnebago, MN 56098
Phone: 800/338-5756

Parker McCrory Mfg. Co.
2000 Forest Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64108
Phone: 800/662-1038

Pivotal Fencing System
10092 County Rd. 36
Yuma, CO 80759
Phone: 970/848-5500

Pro-Tatch Inc.
PO Box 1712
1104 Claude Rd.
Grand Island, NE 68802
Phone: 308/381-6275

Rohrer Manufacturing
PO Box 32
Powell Butte, OR 97753
Phone: 541/548-7746

Tru-Test Inc.
528 Grant Rd.
Mineral Wells, TX 76067
Phone: 800/874-8494

Twin Mountain Fence
PO Box 2240
7513 S. US Hwy. 67
San Angelo, TX 76902
Phone: 325/944-8661

2 T Manufacturing
4084 CR 36550
Arthur City, TX 75411
Phone: 903/732-5176

Worksaver Inc.
PO Box 100
Litchfield, IL 62056-0100
Phone: 217/324-5973

Zareba Systems
906 Fifth Ave. E.
Ellendale, MN 56026
Phone: 800/272-9877

T-Post cover

Centaur HTP Fencing Systems' T-sleeve cover converts a T-post into an HTP post, with precut notches allowing for use with any wire, rope or braid products. Its ready-made slots also allow for use with any 1.5 in. tape product.
Circle Reply Card No. 101

Automatic gate

The fully automatic GoGate offers improved reliability in its system design and hydraulic system, including hydraulic actuators with “O” ring seals rather than cup seals. It also features a speed-bump style treadle, activated by a vehicle tire. It's distributed by GoGate Automatic Farm & Ranch Gates, a division of Dennis Steel, Inc.
Circle Reply Card No. 102

Mini track loader

Bobcat Co. introduces the new MT55 mini track loader with farmers in mind. The MT55 features more horsepower and a wider track, enabling farmers to maximize productivity and get more work done with less labor. One person can do the work of several using the MT55.
Circle Reply Card No. 103

Wire fence strainers

To stretch wire fences, use fencing Strainer bars from Live Wire Products. The bars use a wedge-style clamp that fits all types of netted wire fence, including non-climb horse fencing. Live Wire products also redesigned its insul-clip wire strainer that tightens permanent high-tensile electric fencing. The specially designed heavy-duty insulator rests within the frame for extra strength and easy of use.
Circle Reply Card No. 104

Wire winder

Pro-Tatch Inc. introduces the magnum wire winder for multiple barb wire strands that are being picked up to be destroyed, or as a single-wire unit capable of holding up to one mile of barbed wire. The two yellow reels split in the center for unloading. They're designed for three-tie wires to be placed on the reel to tie the roll before the reel is split.
Circle Reply Card No. 105

Electric fence charger

Tru-Test introduces its versatile and highly effective Patriot electric fence charger for controlling predators. It can also be used for intensive strip grazing. This advanced low-impedance electric fence charger is suitable for all livestock and attaches to any fence type: poly-wire, tape, high-tensile, etc. A pulse light indicates charger operation.
Circle Reply Card No. 106

Technological fencer

The Parmark Range Master from Parker McCrory uses several new technologies to maintain electric fences. These include a digital meter to show fence voltage, ultra-high visible, multi-colored LED lights to show fence condition, and low impedance — over 12.5 joules of shock output power — to control wildlife and livestock. It charges more than 100 miles of fence with a built-in computer to control circuitry and high-impact ABS housing.
Circle Reply Card No. 107


The Titan B6 is a 6-volt strip grazer energizer from Twin Mountain Fence. It offers long-lasting battery life — up to 40 weeks in irregular pulse mode — plus higher output under load than similar units and high-level safety features. It also features a foldaway handle.
Circle Reply Card No. 108

PowerPlus energizers

The PowerPlus MR2500 from Gallagher powers up to 50 miles of multi-wire fencing. It's remote control capable, with remote control ID, remote sensitivity and remote disable options accessible on the rear of enclosure. The MR2500 also includes short-circuit protection to prevent excessive heat from damaging the energizer.

Meanwhile, the M1800 model powers up to 42 miles of fence. Its design features a green light to indicate satisfactory operation, and a red light with each pulse at 2kV and above when the fence is overloaded. It also contains advanced lightning protection.
Circle Reply Card No. 109

Redesigned energizers

Dare Products offers seven new electric fence energizers. The 12-volt Solar Eclipse and 6- or 12-volt Sentry models are redesigned to provide ultimate performance in severe fence conditions.
Circle Reply Card No. 110

High-tensile/woven fences

Keystone Steel & Wire introduces Red Brand high-tensile and woven field fences. The high-tensile fence utilizes the Red Brand monarch knot, which acts as a hinge that gives under pressure. Vertical wires are individually cut and wrapped for strength and flexibility, and the Class 3 galvanized wire's heavy zinc coating keeps it durable.

The woven field fence withstands the demands of corralling large animal herds and is ideal for all terrains and pastures. Special wire crimps allow expansion and contraction, while the Class 1 galvanized wire resists weathering, wear and tear.
Circle Reply Card No. 111

Solar fence charger

The Patriot PS15 integrated solar charger from Tru-Test is suited to strip grazing or protecting remote areas where regular power access is unavailable. The high-output, low-impedance charger uses an internal sealed 12-volt battery that provides up to 21 days operation without sunlight. Its sealed-circuit design provides maximum weather protection and a new energy recycling circuit conserves battery charge. The unit mounts easily on any post type.
Circle Reply Card No. 112

Wildlife and goat fences

Keystone Steel & Wire's Red Brand deer and wildlife fence ensures valuable herds are protected both inside and out. The all-terrain fencing's Cross Lock knot holds fence wires together to resist animal penetration or climbing, as well as severe snowstorms. Its 12-ga., Class-3 galvanized wire resists weathering, wear and tear.

The sheep and goat fence features 4×4-in. mesh for strength and prevents animals from putting their heads through it. The smooth side of the Square Deal Knot prevents injury to the animals; the strong mesh minimizes potential injuries by flexing on impact.
Circle Reply Card No. 113

T-Post driver

A new line of customized, interchangeable sleeves for Rohrer's Man Saver T-Post Driver enable the air-powered drivers to bury almost any wooden or metal shaped post up to 31½2 in. in diameter. It also works in difficult soil conditions — from rocky soil to hardpan — and makes fence-building an easier one-person job.
Circle Reply Card No. 114

Automatic gate opener

Zareba Systems introduces its Automatic Gate Opener, which opens swing gates up to 16 ft. long and 750 lbs. The opener fits most gates and will cycle over 200 times/day. The low-voltage electrical system is simple to install and complies with UL 325 standards. Safety features include obstruction sensing, gate movement alerts, auto-close and more. For remote locations, solar panels are available.
Circle Reply Card No. 115

Fencing tool

The Fence Fork is a handy tool that quickly attaches fence support clips to T-posts. Invented by a cattle rancher, the tool pulls and holds wire tight against the post. It clips wire to T-posts in half the time it normally takes to finish the chore, according to its manufacturer, Re-Source.
Circle Reply Card No. 116

ATV gate kit

The Pivotal Post ATV Gate Kit from Pivotal Fencing Systems, allows ATV four-wheelers to drive over it without breaking wires. The kit can be installed in existing gate openings as narrow as 20 ft. as well as larger ones. The post assembly easily bends when being driven over; the spring-loaded post simply stands back up when the four-wheeler has crossed the gate. A shock cord stretches as the gate is being driven over, then retracts back into position. The gate can be installed in a matter of minutes, and is durable enough to work on all types of terrain.
Circle Reply Card No. 117

Fully adjustable hinge

D&D Technologies introduces a smaller version of the Multi-Adjust hinge to accommodate lightweight gates. The Tru-Close Mini-Multi Adjust hinge line is extremely flexible for both new and retrofit installations, as models allow for up to a 2-in. gap. The hinges are injection-molded, glass fiber-reinforced polymer that won't rust or stain. Hinges fit vinyl, ornamental iron, aluminum or wood gates and can be used on gates up to 55 lbs.
Circle Reply Card No. 118

Narrow geared reel

This lightweight geared reel, with a rugged lock mechanism, easily holds 1,640 ft. of poly-wire. From Kencove, it offers a 2:1 gear ratio and a wire guide to ensure tangle-free fence-line setup.
Circle Reply Card No. 119

Fault finder

The Fence Fault Finder from Premier offers a new fence voltmeter option. It works without a ground connection and can indicate in which direction a fault or leak in your fence is located.
Circle Reply Card No. 120

Slip clip T-post

Dwyer Manufacturing, Inc. introduces the Steel T-Post with welded-on SlipClip Hooks. The Slip Clip Hook allows you to stretch or repair barb wire while the wire is still attached to the post. Slip Clip Fencing Products work great on line fence, letdowns, hay yards and vineyards.
Circle Reply Card No. 121