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High-tensile fence Red Brand's High-Tensile Square Deal Field Fence is a lightweight alternative to traditional fence

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High-tensile fence

Red Brand's High-Tensile Square Deal Field Fence is a lightweight alternative to traditional fence. Constructed of Class 3 galvanized wire with a heavy zinc coating, the U.S.-made fence is made with 100% American steel. The square-deal knot prevents buckling and sagging, while the knot's smooth side prevents animal injury.
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Spring & ratchet tool

Pivotal Fencing Systems' spring and ratchet tool is useful for fencing applications under center-pivot irrigation, providing proper wire tension as the sprinkler walks over the fence. It can also be used with permanent barbed-wire fences to maintain proper wire tension, and can be assembled with or without insulators to accommodate both standard and electric fences.
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Digger driver

The Munro Digger Driver is a hex-tube auger that combines a pilot-hole auger and post-pounder in one machine. A range of auger diameters from 2½ to 8 in. are available, as well as a variety of cutter heads. An adapter can convert older Munro Digger Drivers with the square drive to the hex-tube.
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Pigtail post

Designed for strip grazing, Premier's new Pig Tail Post is easy to load and quick to step into the ground. The 35-in.-tall post features a larger, plastic-covered pigtail at the top and double metal spikes for added security in the ground.
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Fencing gloves

Live Wire Products, Inc., introduces new cut-resistant gloves designed to make working with barbed wire easier and more comfortable. Lined with Kevlar®, the gloves provide protection, are breathable, flexible and available in a variety of sizes.
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Electric fencer

The Titan TE800 is a 110V, digitally controlled electric fence charger capable of producing 8.0-Joules of output and powering 80 miles of fence. It features low impedance, built-in lightning and surge protection, an LCD panel containing a digital voltmeter and fence load indicator, and high- and low-voltage output terminals. Sealed against moisture penetration, the TE800's electrical pulse is designed for fence lines with abundant weed growth and/or long distances; it also comes with a 3-year warranty that covers lightning.
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Sheep and goat fencing

Bekaert introduces new 14-ga. sheep and goat fencing using Solidlock® fixed-knot technology that utilizes high-tensile steel and Class 3 (heavy coat) wire for a strong, long-lasting fence. Fence openings are specifically configured for animal safety.
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Lokk-latch gate lock

D&D Technologies' Lokk-Latch Pro®-SL is a secure gate lock of polymer and stainless steel components that fits metal, wood and vinyl gates up to 6 in. in diameter. The latch is horizontally and vertically adjustable and features a 6-pin rekeyable lock. Only one drill hole is needed to connect the internal and external units.
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Tru-Test offers several Speedrite and Stafix energizers designed to fit a variety of needs. The Speedrite 1000 and Stafix X1 feature 1.0-Joule output and power up to 40 acres of fencing. The Speedrite 2000 and Stafix X2 models feature a 2.0-Joule output and power up to 80 acres. Speedrite 3000 has a 3.0-Joule output and powers up to 120 acres. All products come with a power cord, battery lead set, fence lead set and two-year warranty. Energizers can be mounted on a wall or fence wire.
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Solar Energizer

Gallagher's S20 portable solar energizer produces 0.2-0.5 Joules of output capable of powering 14-30 acres of fencing. Featuring a large rotary dial control switch, the unit is equipped with a carry handle and can be mounted on a wall, wooden post or T-post, or placed on the ground.
Circle Reply Card No. 110

Electric fence energizer

Dare Products, Inc. introduces the DS140 ultra-low impedance electric fence energizer. Utilizing four D-cell batteries or one 6-12 volt external battery, the compact, weatherproof DS140 features 0.35 Joule output and operates up to nine weeks on D-cell batteries.
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View the 2007 fencing guide in a printable .pdf

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