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New Products And Services

BVD vaccine comes with guarantee Breed-Back FP vaccines from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., now carry a guarantee that all calves born into a properly vaccinated herd, according to label directions, will be free of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus persistent infection (PI). The vaccines are approved to aid in the prevention of fetal BVD Types 1 and 2 PI. The guarantee includes reimbursement

BVD vaccine comes with guarantee

Breed-Back® FP vaccines from Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc., now carry a guarantee that all calves born into a properly vaccinated herd, according to label directions, will be free of bovine viral diarrhea (BVD) virus persistent infection (PI). The vaccines are approved to aid in the prevention of fetal BVD Types 1 and 2 PI.

The guarantee includes reimbursement for a calf at fair market value if it is found to be BVD PI positive after all PI negative cows and heifers in a herd are vaccinated according to label directions. Full details on the vaccine guarantee are available at or by calling 800/325-9167.

PI calves can expose to the BVD virus every animal they contact, says Craig Jones, Boehringer Ingelheim DVM. He says studies show cattle contacting a PI calf in the same or adjacent pen are 20% to 33% more likely to be treated for respiratory disease than calves with no immediate contact with PI calves.
(Circle Reply Card No. 101)

Tru-Test EID Additions

Tru-Test 3000 range of indicators responds to electronic identification (EID) needs of cattle. The entry-level JR3000 indicator provides the essential elements for recording individual animal weights. The SR3000 is an intermediate model that combines basic data collection capabilities with the added benefit of management features such as weight gain calculation. The XR3000 is for users intensively monitoring individual animal performance and who collect a variety of lifetime and recurring animal data.

In addition, TruTest's Link3000 software offers an NLIS download format that allows downloading of data directly from a weighing indicator. The Link3000 is a free computer interface program available at
(Circle Reply Card No. 102)

Livestock Tracking

A unique, color-coded identification (ID) system from Volk Enterprises is a simple, effective way to track and identify beef cattle. The color-coded ID Links clip onto existing livestock ear tags. They can be used to identify cows by herd of origin, timed artificial insemination, designate hospital cows or to tag those needing injections or other treatments. The Links come in varying colors and can be stacked on an ear tag for easy customizing of individual animals.
(Circle Reply Card No. 103)


Neogen Corp. has added a line of lighweight drenchers and syringes to its Ideal Instruments veterinary product line. New drenchers include the 30cc Premium Auto Drencher, the most accurate and user-friendly automatic drench gun on the market, and the 20cc Auto Backpack Drencher. Syringe additions include three 5cc models: the EZI-Grip Auto Injector, a lightweight (4-oz.) alternative to more cumbersome metal repeater syringes; the EZI-Grip Bottle Mount Injector; and the Economy Auto Injector.
(Circle Reply Card No. 104)

Hay Tools

Massey Ferguson's new hay tool line is designed for use with the company's compact and midsize tractors. The line includes disc mowers, mower conditioners, tedders and balers — both square and round. Shown in the picture is the MF 1744 round baler.
(Circle Reply Card No. 105)

Pyramid® 5 License

Fort Dodge Animal Health's Pyramid 5® — a five-way, modified-live, viral vaccine for use in non-pregnant beef and dairy cattle is granted USDA license. Pyramid 5 offers Metastim® adjuvanted, single-dose protection to aid in preventing BVD Types 1 and 2, IBR, PI3 and BRSV.

In addition to protecting weaned calves, Pyramid 5 also offers single-dose protection against BVD fetal infections when administered subcutaneously to cows 30-60 days pre-breeding.

The Metatstim adjuvant system increases immunological response by enhancing antigen presentation, and aids in providing excellent stimulation of short- and long-term immune responses, Fort Dodge says.
(Circle Reply Card No. 106)

Pasture Ionophore

Ridley Block Operations, Inc. has developed IONO-LYX® B300 Supplement, combining the block supplement, CRYSTALX®, with the ionophore, Bovatec®. This supplement is designed to offer a convenient delivery system of ionophores to cattle on pasture, resulting in increased weight gain; consistent, uniform intake delivering precise levels of nutrients and ionophores; and lower labor and delivery costs compared to hand-fed supplements.
(Circle Reply Card No. 107)

Precision Application

Roto-Mix's 532-16 Roto-Spread spreader features a variable-speed floor belt to control spread rate for precision application. The hydraulic vertical beaters are powered by a 1,000-rpm, PTO-driven pump. The polyethylene sides, floor and end gate prevent rust and allow materials to move easily to the rear-mounted beaters.
(Circle Reply Card No. 108)

Feed Mixers

The key improvements in the 3100 series Reel Auggie and Commercial Reel Mixers includes new, lower auger options specifically designed for different ration applications. The mixers, from Kuhn Knight Inc., have a grain option that maintains ration quality by gently handling feed like flaked corn. The roughage option improves ration quality by processing hay to a more uniform length.
(Circle Reply Card No. 109)

Open Gates Easier

Dyna Grip® Gate Wheel, from P.H. White Co., saves your back, saves gate posts and hinges, and stops gates from sagging. Using the patented Dyna Grip clamp, the 7-in. wheel easily attaches to the gate bottom.
(Circle Reply Card No. 110)

Farm Business Planning

To make farm business planning easier for producers at home, FINPACK Business Plan Personal Version has been created by the University of Minnesota Center For Farm Financial Management. It makes developing the plan easier by giving producers an outline to follow and providing suggestions to help them write the plan for their operation.
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Move Cattle Easily

Blattner B bar D Livestock Equipment introduces a sheeted tub design. The double gate eliminates tub corners and directs cattle flow into the alley. The system can be set up for left- or right-hand operation and comes standard with a load-out gate.
(Circle Reply Card No. 112)

Health Programs

Enrolling calves in SelectVAC®, Pfizer Animal Health's premier pre-shipment health program has been simplified. The program has four protocols to match different management goals — PreVAC, WeanVAC®, StockerVAC® and YearlingVAC®. Pfizer verifies and records submitted health information and personalized, color-coded SelectVAC cards are returned to the producer.
(Circle Reply Card No. 113)

New Insecticide Class

Elanco Animal Health enters the parasiticide market with “the first new insecticide class for cattle in more than 20 years.” Elector kills flies and lice, including flies resistant to other insecticides, and is an ideal rotational alternative to older products on the market to which there is documented resistance, the company says.

Elector can be used as a pour-on, on-animal spray and premise spray, is non-irritating to animals and workers, and has superior environmental characteristics. It's available in 1- and 5-liter bottles.
(Circle Reply Card No. 114)

Treker Utility Vehicle

The Treker, utility truck model from Land Pride, is a two-seat vehicle with a dump box. The Treker features four-wheel independent suspension and is available in two-wheel drive and on-command four-wheel drive. Land Pride's All-Terrain Runabout Utility Vehicle is a unique two-seat utility vehicle that has front and rear racks, along with a backscreen to carry as much cargo as needed.
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