New Products And Services

Hay enhancer Inexpensively upgrade the feed value of poor-quality forage with the HaySaver Premium Hay Enhancer and nutritional supplements. The HaySaver is a tractor-mounted (3-point hitch) bale carrier that injects a 32% molasses-based liquid protein into round bales of all sizes as they're carried for feeding to cattle. HaySaver's five steel injection spears evenly distribute in the bale (at 210

Hay enhancer

Inexpensively upgrade the feed value of poor-quality forage with the HaySaver Premium Hay Enhancer and nutritional supplements. The HaySaver is a tractor-mounted (3-point hitch) bale carrier that injects a 32% molasses-based liquid protein into round bales of all sizes as they're carried for feeding to cattle.

HaySaver's five steel injection spears evenly distribute in the bale (at 210 psi) one of two concentrated liquid supplement formulas — HaySaver Formula 1 and HaySaver Stress Formula. The first is designed for the overall cowherd, while the latter is specifically for starting calves, lightweight cattle, yearlings and stressed calves.

Said to be easier, less expensive and safer than anhydrous ammonia, the treatment cost is $7 for a 1,500-lb. bale.

Standard equipment includes a 30-gal. supplement tank, 3-point hitch brackets and color choices of John Deere green, New Holland blue and Massey red. Optional equipment includes a 50-gal. tank, front-end loader brackets, a hand gun with 15-ft. hose and quick coupling.
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Livestock Prods

Shevado International's Magic Shock Super 200 and Rechargeable Super 220” livestock prods are moisture-proof, heavy duty and rugged. The chargers at least double the highest output to input ratio of all competitors and offer a two-seconds “on” and a one-second “off” motor to avoid over-shocking livestock. In addition, there's a unique buzzer feature and a high/low output switch for animals of various sizes.
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Prod Tips

Magic Shocks, Rock-Solid shaft tips are one piece-molded and virtually unbreakable under normal use. Available on all nine Magic Shocks interchangeable prod shafts in either rigid fiberglass or flexible polycarbonate shafts.
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Skid-Steer Loaders

Case IH's new XT Series skid-steer loaders help improve operator productivity with advancements in operator comfort, work capacity and reliability. The three-model XT line — 40XT, 60XT and 70XT — is a small-frame line for work in tight spaces. Offered is an engine range of 60-85hp and lift capacities of 1,500-2,200 lbs. Other options include a hydraulic attachment quick coupler to drop and switch buckets from the operator's compartment, a 3,000-psi, high-flow hydraulic system and an automatic engine shutdown system when temperatures and pressures exceed normal ranges.
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Cattle Magnets

Prevent hardware disease with Red-D-Mag. Its steel focusing plates provide maximum strength while the FDA-approved red nylon coating allows metal to glide across the magnet's slick surface. Thus, metal can shift without escaping the magnet or perforating the stomach.
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Fence Sentry

Tru-Test's FenceAlert detects inoperative electric fence and flashes an alert. The internal battery unit clips onto the electric fence wire and detects low or intermittent voltages. The unit's flash can be seen up to a mile during darkness. The operator then can use a Speedrite Fault Finder to locate the exact position of the problem. FenceAlert is useable on 16-ga. wire to 1½-in. electrified politape. Water and weather resistant.
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Squeeze Chute

Moly Manufacturing's Ranch Extended Model Silencer is an all-purpose squeeze chute designed for moderate-sized cow/calf and stocker operations. Features equal-pressure head doors, opening head and tail door design, noise reduction system and an extra neck access per side gate.
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New Series Backhoes

Land Pride's 15, 25 and 35 Series backhoes offer dig depths of 6½-12½ ft. and bucket options of 9-36 in. The units feature a wide support base, large, steel footpads and a two-lever hydraulic valve for easy operation and control. Cylinders with Nitro-Steel, black piston rods provide superior wear and corrosive resistance, while a hydraulic swing cushion valve prevents shock loads at the end of swing travel.
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Compliance Guide

Gempler's Inc. offers a new 100+-page guide — “Labor Law Compliance” — to keep agricultural employers up to date on labor law. The guide covers child labor, sex discrimination, harassment and family and medical leave. The easy-to-read guide also includes a synopsis on how the laws affect employers.
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Cattle Sale Calendar

List your cattle free or browse upcoming sales on the Crystalyx redesigned Web site — Easy to use, Cattle Sale Calendar connects producers and important sale information via the World Wide Web.
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Heat Timer

The BoonTech, Electronic Heat-Timer lets breeders determine the exact time to breed. The calculator-sized device from ProBeef Australia consists of a mount-activated timer attached to the tail arch of the cow. The device monitors the pressure and time of mounting, and then it emits a flashing light signal every 30 seconds for the next hour and every hour after that up to 20 hours. Flashes tell how long since first standing mount. Each timer provides up to 50 heat cycles and will not be activated by rubbing.
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Portable Chute

Complete portability is the advantage of Central City Scale's portable chute scale. With a working capacity of 5,000 lbs., the 3-ft. by 8-ft. chute scale offers one-man setup with hand winch and locking pin to raise and lower the single axle wheelbase. The adjustable drop pin hitch removes with one bolt.

Side panels are 5 ft., 4 in. high with a 20-in.-high solid side base panel. Side panels are made of 14-ga., round steel tubing. Chute comes with digital indicator that operates on 12-volt DC or 110-volt AC and can connect to your printer option.
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Trailer Line

M.H. Eby Inc.'s Maverick LS Series of versatile livestock trailers is designed for small- to mid-sized farm, ranch and livestock operations. Designed to be pulled with lighter duty trucks or sport utility vehicles, the models feature a reduced width of 6 ft., 5 in. for improved visibility and handling. Bumper hitch trailers come in floor lengths of 13 and 16 ft. and inside heights of 6½ and 7-ft. Gooseneck trailers feature a 16-ft. floor length and inside height of either 6½ or 7 ft.
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Wire Filled Gate

Behlen Country's wire-filled gate comes complete with hinges, screw hooks and chain latch. It features 6-ga. rods in a 2- × 4-in. pattern and comes in lengths from 3 to 16 ft. Bolt-on hinges allow easy reversal when hanging two gates together.
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Spray-On Coating

Perma-Tech polyurea, a high-performance, sprayed-on industrial coating, solves maintenance and sanitation problems in commercial livestock operations. Applied to barn walls and floors, Perma-Tech UX-397 creates a durable, seamless monolithic membrane that can withstand rigorous maintenance and sanitation procedures. Applied directly over the existing contrete floor with minimal preparation and at a cost of $7/sq. ft., it's a cost-effective alternative to the ongoing maintenance required by uncoated concrete.
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Economical Tractor

New Holland's TL Standard tractors (66- to 82-PTO hp) are especially well suited for loader work and haying. Available in 2- or 4-wheel drive, and with a cab or ROPS, the tractor is powered with a proven, 4-cylinder, 283-cu.-in. New Holland engine. The 12 × 12 SynchroCommand transmission allows an operator to shift and shuttle on the go. High-capacity, 14.5 gpm hydraulic flow from the gear pump assures dependable hydraulic operation and fast cycle time.
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Miraco's #6300 livestock waterer is specifically for large feedlot and dairy applications. All poly construction with urethane insulation, the 6300 is 12 ft. long, 22 in. wide x 22 in. tall with a 100-gal. capacity. Bottom slope and two large drains allow fast, easy cleaning. Available with electric heat or constant flow.
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Hay Tarp System

Farmboy Online's hay cover protects hay from weather damage at a fraction of the price of building a shed. The Farmboy Advantage” hay tarp system allows hay to be covered within minutes with an 18-oz. tarp that's UV-protected, mildew resistant, waterproof and leak-proof, with a cold crack rating of -45° F and a grab-tensile strength of 325 lbs.

The system consists of a tarp housing and hardware system made of 16-ga. aluminum for durability and portability.
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