My Top 10 Clicks

President and CEOPadlock RanchRanchester, WY World news. Markets and employee listings. Markets, news. Markets, news and analysis. Feedlot reports. Weather. Weather. Web and desktop searches, plus mapping. Beef production and management fact

President and CEO
Padlock Ranch
Ranchester, WY

  1. www.msnbc.comWorld news.
  2. www.farms.comMarkets and employee listings.
  3. www.cattlenetwork.comMarkets, news.
  4. www.cattlefax.comMarkets, news and analysis.
  5. www.beefnorthwest.comFeedlot reports.
  6. www.nws.noaa.govWeather.
  8. and desktop searches, plus mapping.
  9. www.beefcowcalf.comBeef production and management fact sheets.
  10. www.countrynaturalbeef.comBeef marketing alliance information.