4-H Reaches Out To At-Risk Children

 The Children's Home campus outside Paragould, AK, is changing lives of needy children.

December 23, 2013

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4-H Reaches Out To At-Risk Children

Understandably, the children often arrive at the campus traumatized, frightened, with just the clothes on their backs. Many are predisposed to distrust anyone.

“You can’t believe some of their heart-breaking back stories,” says Gary Cupp, director of development at Children’s Home, Inc., outside Paragould, AR. “But in the end, you can’t let pity paralyze you. That does them no good. They need love, they need time to heal, they need guidance and they need the skills to be successful adults. That’s our responsibility.”

Among the first things the children are provided are toiletries and clothes.

It may seem incongruent, but Cupp says that’s a big reason why – hemmed in by well-kept red brick houses, a gym, a school and offices – he’s happy that a modest new building is being erected. Amid the rolling hills and towering oaks of the campus, the building will serve as not only a pantry where those in the houses can get groceries but a clothing “store.” It will also help provide the initial shot of respect those running Children’s Home are so keen to provide.

To read more about how these 4-H youth helped at-risk kids, read here.


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