Cowboy Poetry: “Wild Mustang” by Doug Geisendorfer

This is the story of a little boy seeking revenge and breaking mustangs.

May 7, 2016

2 Min Read
Cowboy Poetry: “Wild Mustang” by Doug Geisendorfer

I was just a little boy, the day my Daddy died. 

He got bucked off and trampled, by a Wild Mustang he was trying to ride. 

I remember feeling empty and scared as Daddy laid there on the ground.  

Screaming sirens and my Momma crying was the only sound. 

I made a vow right then and there my Daddy's revenge I would get, I'd hunt down every Wild

Mustang there was and break them all before I'd quit. 

Well I'm quite a bit bigger now and my Daddy is still in my heart, and I remember that solemn

vow I made and I figured it's about time for me to start.

So I caught a ride to town one day with my Mamma to pick up some stuff, low and behold I saw

a Wild Mustang and yelled back up its about to get rough. 

Well I jumped up on that Mustangs back and got me a hand full of mane, as I kicked and

whipped and spurred that Mustang every body looked at me like I was insane. 

Well he just stood there with his head down like he was scared or maybe just dumb, so I kicked and

whipped and spurred him some more and said paybacks are hell where I come from.

Right there in front of Kmart everybody started laughing like it was funny, and then some old

man walked up, put a quarter in my hand and said "Cowboy " if you want to ride that Mustang

you're gonna have to put in some money. 


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