Do your customers know you care?

All it takes is the personal touch.

John Graham

March 14, 2018

1 Min Read
Do your customers know you care?

This came to mind when a salesperson called about an order that had arrived a few days earlier. “I want to be sure you received it and know if you have any questions,” she said. When I thanked her for calling, she replied, “I appreciate my customers and thanking them personally for their orders lets them know I care.” We talked for a moment and then she said, “Every customer is important to me. It’s how, as a mother, I can give my kids some extras, like music and dance lessons.”

So simple. So clear. Unlike so many companies, this woman gets it. She wants her customers to know she appreciates their business. Amazingly, all it took was a sincere phone call.

Takeaway: No loyalty points. No “one-day” only discounts. No nonsense. Just the personal touch.

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