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Equine forum white paper availableEquine forum white paper available

In an effort to advance the issue of traceability in the equine industry, NIAA and USAHA partnered to host the Equine Forum, 2017: Advancing ID, Traceability and Electronic Health Records.

April 24, 2017

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Equine forum white paper available

Traceability in the equine industry has been a highly-discussed topic for several years, with varying progress across the country to move forward with a national infrastructure. In an effort to advance the issue, the National Institute for Animal Agriculture (NIAA) and the U.S. Animal Health Association (USAHA) partnered to host the Equine Forum, 2017: Advancing ID, Traceability and Electronic Health Records. Now, a detailed White Paper with an expert analysis of the robust dialogue and exchange of ideas from the Forum is available from NIAA.

The Forum focused on technology available today, and how it can be used to integrate record keeping systems and registries. NIAA sought to establish consensus on the parameters of a national equine identification program, and provide recommendations for advancing equine identification technologies and electronic data capture methodologies by involving stakeholders from across the horse industry to get a broad perspective on the state of today’s technology and its uses.

Speakers represented a broad range of insight and expertise, from industry leaders to service providers as well as private practitioners and state and federal animal health officials Presentations were followed by ‘think tank’ discussions by the attendees, who asked questions and expressed their opinions.

Attendees found that current equine identification and traceability measures are inadequate. Advancing equine identification and traceability will require new methodologies, enhanced communications, and collaboration.

Advancing equine identification must be industry-driven with limited government

Involvement, they concluded. Equine enthusiasts trust local industry leaders, their trainers, and their mentors; the personal connection is important. The value-added benefits of improved equine identification will drive adaptation.

 To read the complete 2017 Equine Forum White Paper, go to the NIAA website, http://www.animalagriculture.org/

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