68% of Americans clearly think the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is related to local "humane shelters" and that it generously supports them.

December 31, 2013

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HSUS Shows Its True Dishonest Colors

I despise liars and lying. I have excellent personal reasons but I argue that a liar proves himself untrustworthy in every circumstance.

A friend once told me: "My dad always said if a man will lie to you he'll steal from you."

I remember thinking when he said it that the concept was flawed. I no longer think that. I learned the hard way that my friend's father was right. I also became a much keener observer of the human animal.

The concept my friend was getting at was this: Lying is akin to stealing because it is about fundamental honesty or dishonesty and ultimately about the choice each person must make between which of the two very different paths he or she will walk.

In fact, my friend's father was laying before us a pattern of progression the dishonest person will follow along the dishonest road.

Perhaps not every liar steals but every stealer lies.

To read Newport's entire column about HSUS, click here.


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