Halter offers functionality of both halters in one innovative design.

November 13, 2013

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Hybrid halter combines webbing, rope halter

It is the modern dilemma of any conscientious horse owner. You feel like you need two halters for every horse… a web halter for trailering, cross tying, or personalizing and a rope halter for groundwork training, or even leading from place to place without your horse leaning on you. If you choose to stick with one halter style, you give up the functionality of the other.

Choose to go the rope halter route and say goodbye to cross tying, personalizing and a no-slip fit. Choose to go with a web halter exclusively and you might find yourself tempted to resort to a lead chain over your horse’s nose as they drag you across the yard. Thanks to the new Hybrid Halter designed and patented by horse trainer and developer Kalley Krickeberg, horse owners can get the functionality of both halters in one innovative design.

“I train horses day in and day out, so I see the same faults in a tool over and over again. I hate the way a rope halter torques my horses’ heads to the side while doing groundwork, making them travel unnaturally, but of course, there are some features of a rope halter you can't beat for training, namely that is hard for a horse to lean on. I love the fit, beauty and convenience of a web halter with a throatlatch snap, but hate that it is so easy for a horse to push on... I think the Hybrid is the best of both worlds, with a few other bells and whistles,” says Krickeberg, who debuted the invention in front of the crowd at the American Paint Horse Association’s World Show in Fort Worth, Texas, during her educational demonstrations on keeping a horse mentally fresh and happily engaged in his work.

“Most people’s first reaction when they see the Hybrid Halter is why didn’t I think of that, because it is so simple, yet effective,” says Krickeberg. 

“The cheek pieces through the crown piece are consistent to the traditional web halter. The nose/chin piece, jowl piece and connection piece are made of the same high quality yachting braid, like the traditional rope halter. There is a sliding ring under the chin where the working rope is attached to allow the halter ring and the snap of your rope to slide a full 180 degrees. The yacht rope of the Hybrid Halter’s nosepiece has nose knots similar to the rope halter to encourage lightness. The innovation of this halter is combining the best construction and control features of both the web/flat and rope halters, hence the name "Hybrid," explains the horsewoman.

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