It’s National Chili Day; check out the best way to eat a chili dog

February 25, 2016

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It’s National Chili Day; check out the best way to eat a chili dog

There’s been a theme for this week’s blogs that I can’t help but notice. We’ve celebrated National FFA Week and National Invasive Species Awareness Week, and today, Feb. 25, marks National Chili Day, which is probably the most exciting of them all! Whether you plan to celebrate with a simmering crockpot of chili or a chili dog with all the fixings, this is one holiday I think all beef producers can get behind.

To celebrate this special occasion, the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council (NHDSC) has teamed up with Washington, D.C.-based restaurant Ben’s Chili Bowl to create a video with tips on how to enjoy a chili dog without the mess.

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“Anyone who loves a chili dog can relate to that moment when the chili escapes the confines of the bun and somehow drips on the worst possible spot,” says Eric Mittenthal, NHDSC president. “We made this video so that people can confidently eat their chili dogs and get the full experience, minus the mess.”

The video features five steps to conquer the chili dog, including the proper positioning of the (preferably all beef) hot dog, the ideal grip, the strategy for lifting the hot dog, the ideal angle for entering it into your mouth and, of course, the correct way to bite the dog.  

According to a press release, “The video was shot at Washington, D.C.’s original Ben’s Chili Bowl location where President Obama and numerous other elected officials, celebrities, athletes and others have enjoyed chili dogs and half smokes.”

Watch the video below and let me know what you think!

All of the NHDSC’s videos and other resources on hot dog facts, history and culture are available here.

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