Steak remains at top of favorite food list

Americans still consider "steak" one of their favorite foods.

October 24, 2022

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Whether you’re planning a laid-back autumn BBQ or a tailgating party, there’s not only an art to cooking your steak, but also finding the perfect cut. 

But which elements are the most crucial for Americans when it comes to steak? 

For most Americans, there’s a go-to preference for steak cuts. According to the Linz Angus 2022-2023 Consumer Steak report, 61% say ribeye is their favorite cut of steak followed by filet (47%) and T-bone (43%). 

Temperature can also make or break a steak. According to Americans, a majority (57%) prefer their steak cooked medium or medium rare. You might even get a side eye if you overcook your steak. 41% say they are critical of someone who likes “well-done” steaks. 

Here are additional highlights from the survey: 

  • Overall, 78% say grilling is their favorite way to cook a steak at home

  • 70% consider steak to be one of their favorite foods

  • Nearly two-thirds (64%) say they’d choose steak as their “last meal”

  • Over half, (53%) do not consider themselves knowledgeable about the differences in the USDA beef grades (USDA Prime, USDA Choice, USDA Select)

  • Only 34% have tried Wagyu beef

  • Nearly half (47%) keep it simple and stick with salt and pepper for steak seasoning

Source: Linz Angus

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