Dr. Robert Williams elected president for a two-year term.

May 25, 2023

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The US Beef Breeds Council (USBBC) met in late April electing new officers to preside over the organization and discuss upcoming goals. Past President Montie Soules, of the American Shorthorn Association, oversaw the meeting and election of officers. American Wagyu Association’s Executive Director Dr. Robert Williams was elected president and will serve a two-year term.

The USBBC is comprised of United States beef breed executives. While addressing shared concerns and goals all breed associations are faced with the USBBC also oversees the appointment of the Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) executive director and board of directors.

“The US Beef Breeds Council is an opportunity for the executive officers of the national beef breed associations to network, exchange ideas, and identify common ground where we can speak as one voice to support America’s beef industry in areas of critical interest,” says Dr. Williams, executive director of the American Wagyu Association.

Mark Anderson of the North American Limousin Foundation was elected vice president of the USBBC. “The ability to serve the beef industry on a united front on issues that enhance the economic environment, superior production practices and profitability of beef producers now and into the future is critical to the USBBC. Working together as one effectively increases the ability to support American beef producers.”

During the meeting, Patrick Wall, executive director of the Ultrasound Guidelines Council gave an update on the ongoing improvement of ultrasound technology to improve the capture of valuable carcass traits. Through the leadership of the USBBC, establishment of the Ultrasound Guidelines Council (UGC) in 2001 has led to stronger genetic prediction of carcass merit for the US beef industry. “The UGC Board has been committed to improving the accuracy of established technology as well as assessing the consistency of new digital ultrasound platforms,” says Patrick Wall.

“The US Beef Breeds Council unites all US beef breeds as a strong front against those in opposition of animal agriculture and the beef industry. All our members are affected in the same way. If we unite, we will be able to use all our strengths in multiple ways,” says Soules.

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