Weekly Cattle Market Wrap Up: Heavy weight feeders continue to head to town

USDA Market Reporter Ed Czerwien provides his weekly market outlook on feeder cattle and slaughter cows.

Heavy weight feeders continue to move off of grazeout wheat pastures, with 36,800 head at USDA test auctions and cattle over 800 lbs. showed the biggest numbers. Prices continued to improve following last week's late rally but were more varied with lighter weight yearlings steady to $4 higher, but heavy weight cattle showed some weakness especially mid-week.

Slaughter cow receipts at USDA's 20 test auctions was 7,800 head up about 400 head. Prices were steady to 2 higher as buyers got more aggressive, partially because next week runs will be smaller because of the holiday shutdowns. Also, cow meat prices were a little over $1 higher on Wednesday compared to the previous Wednesday.

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