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Brazilian Halal exports to the Middle East to cross $6.38 billion in 2008

Brazilian Halal exports to the Middle East are expected to exceed $6.38 billion in 2008, as the demand for beef meat and poultry continues to rise in the region.

Brazilian Halal exports to the Middle East are expected to exceed S6.38 billion in 2008, as the demand for beef meat and poultry continues to rise in the region. Industry reports have revealed that 33 per cent of Brazilian poultry and 40 per cent of its meat production are being supplied to the global Halal market, which is largely concentrated within the region. In line with their aims to leverage the booming Halal industry, more than 15 Brazilian companies have announced their participation at the second ‘Halal Expo 2008’, the definitive event for ‘Halal’ industry in the region, which will run from November 24 - 26, 2008 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Dubai.

As one of the biggest exporters of halal meat in the world, Brazil maintains a substantial percentage of its production to cater to the Halal market, approximately 70 per cent of its exports of 1 million frozen chickens goes to over 100 countries are Halal-certified. Most of the country’s Halal products are being shipped to GCC countries, with reports revealing that USD 1.4 billion worth of chicken has been exported from January to August 2008 to the Middle East - an increase of 66 per cent over the same period last year. In addition to meat and poultry products, Brazil has also emerged as a major source of other Halal-certified consumables in the region such as coffee, chocolate, biscuits, fruits, and juices, which will showcased during this year’s event.

“In the first eight months of 2008, Brazilian shipments of Halal products to the Middle East have totalled 756 tons, which reflects a 17 per cent rise compared to the same period last year,” said Francisco Turra, Executive President, Brazilian Poultry Exporters Association (ABEF). “This considerable increase in shipment of Brazil-produced Halal products to the Middle East has driven us to work towards fully leveraging this market by increasing the visibility of Brazilian food and beverage products. We have identified the ‘Halal Expo 2008’ as an important gateway to take us to the centre of the potential-laden regional and global Halal market, and we are looking forward to showcasing top-quality Brazilian Halal-certified products to buyers from the Middle East and UAE food and beverage sectors during this high profile event.”

The Brazilian Poultry Exporters Association (ABEF) has confirmed that the Middle East is still the main destination for Brazilian chicken exports, followed by Asia, which imported 632,000 tons of products valued at USD 1.3 billion. Among the region’s top economies, the UAE has emerged as one of the major Halal industry hubs, importing and channelling an estimated AED 550 million worth of Halal merchandise annually. In line with this, event organisers Orange Fairs & Events has decided to stage the event in Dubai for the second time, which is also set to feature ‘Sabores de Brasil’ (‘Brazilian Flavour’) to encourage new clients to taste and experience Brazilian products.

“The Gulf region as a whole has a huge requirement for Halal food, which presents global producers and suppliers an outstanding opportunity to expand their business to new heights. We are proud of the growing popularity of ‘Halal Expo’ among the world’s top producers of Halal products, and we are confident that this year’s event will reflect a considerable growth from last year’s achievements. As one of the leading Halal product exporters to the region, Brazil is seeking to showcase the credibility of Brazilian products in Halal market through this event, which reiterates its own integrity as a high impact business and networking event,” concluded Raees Ahmed, Director, Orange Fairs & Events.

At present, 51 global companies from 17 countries have already confirmed their participation at ‘Halal Expo 2008’. The organiser is also expecting to welcome more than 80 international exhibitors from Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Brunei, Bosnia, Canada, China, Egypt, France, India, Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Netherlands, Pakistan, The Philippines, Turkey, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, KSA, UK and the UAE. In addition, representatives from government bodies such as Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources, Brunei Darussalam, including several regional and international Halal certification authorities, chambers of commerce, and international Halal associations have also confirmed their presence.