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Nutrition Information for Fresh Meat And Poultry Products Will Showcase High Nutrient Value In Meat

AMI President J. Patrick Boyl offers this statement on changes in nutrional labeling of meat & poultry.

"On March 1, nutrition labels will be required on ground meat and poultry packages and on or near major cuts of meat and poultry sold in supermarkets.  This nutrition information will confirm for consumers what the latest U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans recently said:  that lean meat and poultry products are an important part of a healthy balanced diet.  This final rule has been in progress for more than a decade, and the meat and poultry industry is pleased to provide nutrient content information to consumers about our fresh products.
Nutrition labels have been required on processed meat and poultry products like bacon, ham and marinated pork loins for many years.  Many fresh single ingredient meat and poultry products like steak, tenderloins and ground beef, also have carried labels voluntarily.  Now, this valuable information will be offered more widely and will provide a pleasant nutrition surprise to many meat and poultry consumers.
Meat and poultry products are nutrient dense and rich in protein, vitamins are minerals. Consumer should note that 29 cuts of beef, pork and lamb are considered lean.  A three ounce serving of meat or poultry contains between 160 and 200 calories and contains all nine essential amino acids.  That is why meat is considered a ‘complete protein.'
 Recent research has shown that lean meat and poultry provide a sense of satisfaction that help control hunger and aid in weight control. More than 40 cuts of meat and poultry qualify for the definition of lean.”
To view a helpful video about lean cuts of meat and poultry, click here:

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