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Tough Times, But Value of Beef Should Win Out

Beef is still a good value.

“Beef is still a good value. And when consumers start generating some more dollars for family living they’ll reach out for their protein food products that they know are vital to good health, even though they may cost a bit more. And that’s where the beef industry is right now compared to the other protein products in the marketplace.”

Above comments were from Tom Pyfferoen, Pine Island beef man and past president of the Minnesota Cattlemen’s Association as he visited with The Land on the July 7 Minnesota Cattlemen’s Tour in the Wabasha County area. Much like with the pork industry, exports are becoming more important to the U.S. beef industry.

“Most of our exports are the high-end cuts, and our middle meats which are good value for our foreign buyers,” he said. “They recognize that U.S. beef for the most part is some of the best quality beef in the world so they’re willing to pay good money for U.S. beef. But of course it’s the value of the U.S. dollar that really drives our exports, regardless whether we’re talking meats, grain or metal products.”

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