Organic Food Claims Of Superiority Prove Unsubstantiated

Organic food proponents claim their food is safer, but in what way?

Anymore, it seems that everyone who thinks they are someone is out promoting organic food. They all claim organic food is supposed to save us from the evil, antibiotic-pumping, corporate farms that are killing our children. Ironically, organic farming is not a cure, but an unrealistic ideology that is detrimental to the environment, human health and animal welfare.

Organic food proponents claim the products have no traces of antibiotics, hormones or pesticides, while the normal food on the shelf next to it does. The problem with this statement is that the normal food from conventional agriculture also has no antibiotics, hormones or pesticides. In 99.5% of all meat sold in the U.S., there are absolutely no synthetic hormones detectable. In the 0.5% where synthetic hormones are detectable, the detectable levels are negligible and do not violate the stringent FDA standards.

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