Basic AG Program Brings Educational Opportunities

Being new to any field or occupation is challenging.

Being new to any field or occupation is challenging. Being a first-time farmer, rancher or land steward is no different.

From leases to legumes, from seeding to stocking rates, new agricultural producers and land stewards often feel overwhelmed and isolated because of the crush of countless questions. For more than five decades, the Noble Foundation has provided no-cost consultation to agricultural producers in 47 counties in Oklahoma and Texas, changing lives by helping provide valuable answers.

In 2010, as an extension of the consultation program, the Noble Foundation is providing a new educational effort to producers who are just entering agriculture. Many new producers have had successful careers outside of agriculture, but are investing in agricultural land. Others have inherited land from family members and wish to make wise use of it. Still others are seeking a healthier, relaxed lifestyle removed from the chaos of urban life. Whatever the reason, they all have some basic variables in common – they are new to agriculture with a minimal amount of knowledge and experience, and they want to have a successful operation relative to their personal goals.

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