Restore Our Border Plan From The Arizona Cattle Growers Association

The U.S./Mexico border in Southern Arizona has become lawless.

The U.S./Mexico border in Southern Arizona has become lawless. Criminals, bandits and international organized criminals are operating with impunity in the region. Their trades are burglary, home invasion, drug smuggling, human smuggling, murder, extortion and kidnapping. The organized criminals have been terrorizing Northern Mexico for 20 years and have extended their operations into Southern Arizona for at least 10 years. They are ruthless and violent and they have now succeeded in creating terror in Southern Arizona as they have in Northern Mexico.

The level of fear and frustration from Southern Arizona’s ranching families has been building for some time. The lawlessness reached an intolerable new level with the murder of Rob Krentz in March 2010. At the time of his murder, a small group of individuals from Southern Arizona who, 18 months before, had begun a comprehensive effort to identify solutions to the increasingly uncontrolled and dangerous problem of Border security, produced a plan which specifies concrete actions needed to establish border security in Southern Arizona and calls for a means to measure progress towards that end. This plan is a result of that effort. It is entitled the ROB (Restore Our Border) Plan in honor of the memory of Rob Krentz. The first ROB Plan was released in April 2010, immediately after Rob’s death. This second version is an update reflecting changes in border security conditions and in our understanding of necessary solutions and their implementation.

We do not pretend to have all of the answers. However, we do believe the actions items contained in this plan have been vetted to the extent that they will enhance and provide security along our border with Mexico. They will begin to provide some semblance of lawfulness along the border.

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