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Who is Temple Grandin, and Why Did She Win All Those Emmys?

Grandin grew up feeling more connected to animals than she did the people in her life.

Temple Grandin: the name that rang true seven times at the Emmy Awards Show on Sunday. But who the heck is she?

You might be confused with all the hullabaloo surrounding an unfamiliar name. Read on to get caught up on what today's water-cooler gossip is all about.

Who is she: A high-functioning autistic woman who holds a doctorate in Animal Sciences and a teaching position at Colorado State University.

What she is known for: Revolutionizing the slaughterhouse industry by designing humane corrals for cattle headed to the chopping block. Becoming a well-respected advocate and voice for those living with autism. Inventing the hug machine, a deep-pressure calming device that is therapeutic to hypersensitive persons, including those with autism.

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