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Turkey, TX, Mayor Ups Ante Of PETA’s “Tofurky” Challenge

Article-Turkey, TX, Mayor Ups Ante Of PETA’s “Tofurky” Challenge

Mayor Carson struck a deal with Pork Barrel BBQ co-founders Heath Hall and Brett Thompson to change the name for the day if PETA matches donations.

Mayor Pat Carson, of Turkey, TX, refuses offers to temporarily change name to “Tofurky, TX” or “Barbecue, TX,” and instead secures deal from Pork Barrel BBQ to change its name to “Tofurky Barrel BBQ” for one day if PETA agrees to match Pork Barrel BBQ’s $1,000 donation to three Turkey, TX charities.

“With the Thanksgiving Holiday approaching, it’s a great time to reflect and be thankful for all of our blessings. In the spirit of giving, Pork Barrel BBQ has generously offered to help our local charitable organizations and at the same time challenge PETA to match their contributions," says Mayor Carson. “If PETA agrees to meet or exceed Pork Barrel BBQ’s $1000 donation, Pork Barrel BBQ will change their name to ‘Tofurky Barrel BBQ’ for one day. This challenge is in the true giving spirit of the season and I hope that PETA will step-up to the challenge.”

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