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Nutreco's Micronutrients rebrands as Selko

Brand extends its reach to the United States; now Nutreco's sole feed additives brand serving customers around the globe.

Micronutrients, Nutreco's U.S.-based feed additive company, is rebranding as Selko, effective January 2023. The change streamlines the portfolio of specialty feed additives, including IntelliBond trace minerals under a single global brand.

Expanding on a legacy of research and development, Selko is investing to become the market leader in phytogenics and has established an innovation discovery group focused on specialty feed additives.

"Since becoming part of Nutreco, our U.S. business has made aggressive investments in science-based nutrition offerings that go far beyond our legacy work with IntelliBond hydroxy trace minerals," said Patrick Pilkington, managing director, Selko USA. "Advancements in the science of livestock and poultry production are ever evolving and as we continue investing in areas such as phytogenics and other natural feed additives, products in the Selko portfolio will continue to target the market's existing and emerging needs."

While Selko will become the single brand serving customers around the globe, the people, product names, processes and services offered to customers will not change.

"Including U.S.-manufactured products in the global Selko portfolio will create a more streamlined approach in an increasingly global business landscape, while positioning us to accelerate innovations in animal nutrition," said Remco Van Reenen, managing director of Business Unit Feed Additives, Nutreco. 

As the Selko brand extends its reach to the United States, it becomes Nutreco's sole feed additives brand serving customers around the globe. Customer-facing staff, product names and services will remain unchanged by the rebrand.

Source: Nutreco

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