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Steakholder Foods debuts highly marbled 3D-printed cultured beef cut

Steakholder Foods Beef Morsels 3D.jpg
New product is result of company’s recently filed patent for 3D-bioprinting technology.

Steakholder Foods Ltd., formerly MeaTech 3D, an international deep-tech food company at the forefront of the cultured meat industry, is pleased to introduce Omakase Beef Morsels, a first-of-its-kind richly marbled structured meat product developed using a unique 3D-printing process.

The product, inspired by the marbling standard of Wagyu beef, is made up of multiple layers of muscle and fat tissue and showcases the technology’s unprecedented control and flexibility. Each layer is printed separately using two different bio-inks – one for muscle and one for fat. The layers can be printed in a variety of muscle/fat sequences which effects the juiciness and marbling of the cut. The product can be printed with any marbling ratio, shape or width.

Steakholder Foods’ technology can even exceed the marbling precision reminiscent of the Wagyu beef standard and providing unprecedented product consistency at scale.

The company’s provisional patent, “stacked, multi-layered meat-emulating consumable,” is the result of intensive collaboration between the company’s 3D-printing engineers and cellular biologists.

The achievement follows a series of ongoing advancements in the company’s development of printed whole cuts of meat:

  • Largest ever (3.67 oz.) printed cultured steak
  • Significant progress with acceleration and enhancement of living muscle fiber formation to mirror key characteristics of farm-raised meat,
  • Development of unique multiple-nozzle modular printing head that can produce complex meat products with pinpoint precision at an industrial rate of production without impacting cell viability
  • Patent based on the development of systems and methods for applying external forces to muscle tissue that result in the creation of high-quality complex structured meat

“This product is a major breakthrough for us and for the cultured meat sector in general. It is the result of a lot of hard work and our desire to attain the highest standard of meat possible through bioprinting and cell cultivation processes,” said Arik Kaufman, Steakholder Foods’ chief executive officer. “It also marks a significant milestone in our quest to perfect the ‘holy grail’ of meat — steak.”

He continued, “We see Omakase Beef Morsels at the intersection of food, technology and fine art. We want to inspire chefs around the world to create mouthwatering culinary masterpieces and unforgettable dining experiences.”  

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