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Beef Roundtable: Winter horse care and management

For many beef producers, horses are an essential part of their daily life. That’s not surprising—after all, cattle producers are in the cattle business because they’re animal people and horses are not just a traditional part of the cattle business, they’re an essential part, even today.

While much is written about winter care and management of the cowherd, this month’s Beef Roundtable takes a look at the care and winter management of one of a rancher’s most reliable helpers—the ranch horse.

This month’s edition features Tom Lenz, an equine veterinarian who has written a monthly horse health column for 23 years for the American Quarter Horse Journal, and Rob A. Brown, a Texas rancher who, along with his family, raises top-quality commercial Angus cattle and registered Quarter Horses. Tune in for a discussion on some of the factors to keep in mind as you plan your winter feeding program for your horses, as well as some of the health considerations to keep in mind, including hoof care, and what to keep in mind as you think about next spring.

BEEF and Purdue University have joined forces to launch the Beef Roundtable, a monthly 15-minute video podcast that will feature some of the top leaders in the beef industry. The video podcast, co-hosted by Ron Lemenager, Extension beef specialist at Purdue University and BEEF Senior Editor Burt Rutherford, will feature discussion of current topics of interest to all beef producers.

In addition to being available on, the sessions can be viewed at, on the Beef Roundtable YouTube channel and iTunes.

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